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It’s Pocky Day today, which is always a good excuse to treat yourself! Here’s some fun new flavours of all kinds of Japanese snacks from Pocky and KitKats to Pringles and Cup Noodles. Most are available from multiple shops worldwide so I’ll put some links at the end.

Pocky flavours

We have to start with Pocky and they’ve had a few new flavours since we last did a post. I’m not too sure about Salty Vanilla but I’d definitely like to try Chocolate Coconut. There’s also Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry with real strawberry bits and a supposedly healthier Wholesome range with wholewheat.

Japan Local Kit Kats

It’s been far too long since I tried some random KitKats but they are always bringing out interesting and weird new ones. Recent ones include Banana Caramel, Milk Tea and Chestnut. This Japan Local series also looks very good with regional flavours like Tokyo Island Lemon, Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake and Hiroshima Momiji Manju.

Japanese Pringles flavours

The UK is usually the leader of weird and wonderful crisp flavours but Japan is definitely outdoing us when it comes to Pringles. Recent releases include Egg Sandwich, Cheeseburger, Takoyaki, Hokkaido Scallops and Seaweed.

Cup Noodle Super Combinations

The Cup Noodle Super Combination range looks like a joke but reviews are generally positive so it’s back for a second year. It basically mashes up two of their regular flavours into a whole new one, complete with cut and paste packaging and names. Seapoodle is obviously the best one (it’s Seafood and Cup Noodle Shoyu).

culture butter snacks

One thing I love about visiting Japan is seeing which random food trend is suddenly everywhere. Cultured butter seems to be having a moment, and it apparently adds a rich caramel flavour. If you’re a butter fan, you can try this out with Pocky, Koala’s March and even Crunky chocolate.

Japanese snacks lucky bag

If you like to try random snacks, Tofu Cute (UK) currently have a great deal on an Unlucky Bag filled with snacks and candy that are near their expiry date. Great for saving money and feeling no guilt about eating them all really quickly! For a regular delivery, try a subscription box – we have a monthly round-up of boxes plus some in depth reviews.

Where to buy Japanese snacks

Most of these shops ship worldwide. You can also Google the specific flavours and brands mentioned in the post to find other stockists near you.

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    I’d try salty vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate are delicious, I think vanilla could be too.

    And I’d eat all of those kit Kats. I would try the chips, but whacky chip flavours are either great, or too odd to be good, with no in between!

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