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Cute Tissue Box Covers To Buy & DIY

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I’ve always been a fan of kawaii tissue box covers as a way to turn something boring into something much cuter. With winter colds season coming up, here’s some options to buy or make. They’d all be sweet get well soon gifts too.

Rilakkuma tissue box cover

I personally love a plush cover and if I wasn’t still obsessed with my Jinbe San cover, I would be tempted by this Rilakkuma taiyaki at Very Goods (JP) which comes with the most adorable little plush. This is a bit of an odd size but usually they come with a box inside so you can just fill it with tissues from whatever size you normally buy.

Totoro tissue box cover

I’m sad that the sleepy Totoro cover I found is out of stock but Sugoi Mart (JP) do have a happy yellow embroidered Catbus cover that would cheer up any room. It also has a strap for hanging up if you’re short on space.

bird plush tissue box cover

Or how about a big yellow bird? Modes4u (SG) have 2 types of Amuse Kotori Tai plush covers and they’re both 20% off. They have some cute Sentimental Circus options too.

cat tissue box cover

If you can’t have a real cat, this tissue box cover will look very cute on a shelf, and you can even store toothpicks inside one ear. It’s available from lots of places including Amazon (UK).

cake tissue box cover crochet pattern

On to DIYs and Twinkie Chan has a free crochet pattern for a Chiffon Cake Tissue Box Cozy with lots of cream and fruit. Or head over to her Etsy shop for more patterns including an amazing gingerbread house.

watermelon tissue box cover plastic canvas DIY

For something a bit different, Strings Away! has a whole range of fun DIY tissue box covers that use plastic canvas and yarn. The watermelon is my favourite but there’s more fruit designs, a snowman and even a haunted house.

Watch on YouTube

HGTV Handmade have a roundup of 4 cute and easy tissue box covers to make including sequins and faux fur.

Watch on YouTube

If you like to sew, there are loads of tutorials for tissue box covers that you can make with your favourite fabric. This tutorial by Crafty For Home shows you how to make a reversible cover for twice the fun. You could do one side in a holiday theme, or pick fabrics for different seasons.

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