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Original Kawaii Plush By Indie Artists #5

Posted on September 26, 2022 by

Here’s another batch of adorable plushies by independent artists and designers that you’ll want to add to your collection.

kawaii plush caterpillar

We’ll start with a couple of Kickstarters including one that’s top of my wish list – Clover the Caterpillar Plushie by emmadoodlez (UK). He’s so long and happy! This has just launched so make sure to pledge if you want it to get funded.

kawaii plush kickstarter

Faith Varvara (US) has some new Bumbleberry Hollows Forest Friends plush that includes a frog, chicken, bunny, bats and mushroom witch. It’s already half way to success but there’s another 5 characters as stretch goals so definitely one to keep an eye on.

pumpkin bear kawaii plush

Halloween plush are also popping up and a special Pumpkin Bear is available for preorder at Fujibee (US), shipping next month. I’ve got one of their Teddy plushies and it’s so soft.

kawaii ghost plush pillow

I’m also tempted by this super cute Ghost pillow by Odd Like Us (US). It’s really big too so great for a sofa friend.

kawaii plush axolotl

Mahoukarp (US) has a few new plushies up for preorder and these Goober Axolotls are especially adorable. If you can’t pick a favourite, there’s a discount for the whole gang, or there’s rainbow sharks and dolphins too.

kawaii plush potato

If you haven’t been following Noodoll (UK) lately, they’ve got lots of cute new friends for Autumn. But really, what we all want is a giant Ricespud to hug!

kawaii plush sakura moth

And if you’re not looking forward to the colder months, dream of springtime with the new Pink Petal Mousemoth plush by Lumichee (US).

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