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Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys

Posted on September 20, 2022 by

I love checking out all the latest blind box toys as there’s always so many kawaii characters and designs. I usually manage to stick to window shopping but here’s some favourites I’d be tempted by.

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys - tokidoki

tokidoki (US) never disappoint and their latest release is Lumi and her Beary Cute Friends. Not only are they all adorable but the packaging is next level with a reusable bear container!

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys -Sanrio pompompurin

There’s been some very kawaii Sanrio blind boxes lately and this Pompompurin harvest collection at Strangecat Toys (US) is perfect for Autumn. I want pretty much all of these.

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys - Sanrio Cogimyun

It’s also nice to see Cogimyun getting their own set and this First Love theme at ARTBOX (UK) is too sweet.

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys - Pui Pui Molcar

I’m hoping for more Pui Pui Molcar soon but while we wait, Modes4u (SG) have some weird and wonderful guinea pig car figures. These aren’t even blind boxes so you can pick your favourite, though stocks are low.

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys - Lulibunny animals

Lulibunny recently teamed up with Triciclo Editores (EU) to make these Dundunland Animal Families blind bags. You get two matching figures in each pack so it’s great value and some of them even glow in the dark.

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys - Trash Kitties

If you missed out on the Trash Kitties from 100% Soft (US) last year, there’s a second series out now with even more cats, rats and trash. You might be lucky enough to get one of the 3 special metallic figures.

Halloween Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys

Smoko (US) have a whole range of fun blind box toys with their original characters and one of the latest has a Halloween theme. I’d be crossing my fingers for zombie Pearl Boba Tea or pumpkin Calico Cat.

Kawaii Blind Box Vinyl Toys - pandas

My Plastic Heart (US) is a great shop to browse for artist designs and less well-known characters. How cute is this Panda Roll Kindergarten series?

By the way, many of these sets are available from multiple stockists worldwide so check our shopping guide or Google the collection name if the featured shop isn’t in your region.

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