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Halloween Pokemon At Japan Stuffs

Posted on September 15, 2022 by

If you love Pokemon and Halloween, you’ll be happy to hear that Japan Stuffs has reopened fully and has all the new items and more.

Halloween Pokemon

Japan Stuffs offer preorder and pickup services for the Japanese Pokemon Center so you can get your hands on all the latest Japan-only Pokemon goodies without having to deal with a forwarding service. The theme this year is Halloween Harvest Festival, which means lots of pumpkins, wreaths and autumn leaves. I love the mug and treat basket.

Gengar lamp

My favourite item has to be the Gengar LED lamp though. Those glowing red eyes are so spooky!

Pokemon needlefelting kit

Japan Stuffs also sell other Pokemon items including these adorable needlefelting kits with Ditto, Pikachu and Wooloo. Remember the instructions will be in Japanese, but if you’re familiar with needlefelting, you can probably manage with the help of the Google Translate app.

UFO catcher prizes

It’s not just Pokemon either – you’ll find plenty of crane game prizes, plush, figures, stationery and more featuring kawaii, anime and gaming characters including Sanrio, Hatsune Miku, Kirby, Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy.

Japan Stuffs ships worldwide – I’ve shopped here personally and had a great experience with some nice personal touches.

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