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Kirby 30th Anniversary Picks

Posted on August 22, 2022 by

It’s Kirby’s 30th anniversary this year and if you’re also a fan of the big-mouthed pink blob, I found some cute shopping picks, DIYs and freebies to help you celebrate.

Kirby 30th Anniversary plush

Of course there are special 30th anniversary products like this huggable mochi mochi plush pillow at Hobby Link Japan (JP). Aitai Kuji (JP) also have a big range of anniversary items including plush, bags and accessories.

Watch on YouTube

Kirby’s Dream Buffet was just released for Nintendo Switch and it’s a super cute dessert-themed multiplayer game. This looks so fun, like a mash-up of Mario Party, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

Kirby Cafe Japan

If that trailer made you hungry, start planning a visit to the Kirby Cafe, which now has branches in Tokyo, Nagoya and Hakata. The food is adorable and there’s also a shop with exclusive items. If you can’t visit in person, you can shop online via Aitai Kuji (JP) – my favourite is this Whispy Woods vase!

Kirby Re-Ment miniatures

Or create your own cafe at home with Kirby Afternoon Tea Re-Ment from Oshoppu (UK).

Kirby backpack

Box Lunch (US) have so many cute Kirby products and many are exclusive. I love all the bags, t-shirts and pins but especially this cool backpack that changes colour in the sun.

Kirby stationery

Stationery fans need to head to Kawaii Panda (EU) who have a sweet collection of Kirby file folders, sticky notes, pens and more, plus gashapon figures and Re-Ment miniatures too.

Kirby free amigurumi crochet pattern

On to DIYs and this free mini Kirby crochet pattern by The Craftzilla is too cute! It’s perfect for a keychain and you can easily change up the face or even add accessories.

Kirby pixel art patterns

Both Sprite Stitch and Kandi Patterns have tons of Kirby pixel art that you can use for perler beads, cross stitch or even Animal Crossing custom designs. These make me so nostalgic as the first Kirby game I played was on the Gameboy.

Watch on YouTube

Even if you’re not crafty, the Kirby polymer clay videos by Tete’s DIY are really fun to watch. There’s loads of them and they’re so creative. Everything on their channel is made with ¥100 store (dollar store) supplies too so you don’t need anything fancy to have a go.

Kirby 30th Anniversary wallpaper

And a freebie to finish on – Nintendo Australia have a free Kirby wallpaper to download that should work for desktop and mobile devices.

Who else is a Kirby fan?

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