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Cute Characters Go Camping

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There’s still time to fit in a camping trip before the summer is over, or just dream about it while staying warm and dry indoors! Either way, these kawaii characters know how to have a cute time.

Hello Kitty folding mat

Sanrio (US) have a whole camping range with space-saving foldable items that are equally fun for regular campers or just using in the garden or local park. I really like these carry mats but there’s also chairs, tables and mini tents!

happy camper Miffy tshirt

Dress for the occasion with this colourful Miffy t-shirt, exclusive to Truffle Shuffle (UK). Not only is it cute, but it’s ethically made from 100% organic cotton.

Pikachu camping bag

The Outdoors With Pokemon collection is mostly sold out but there’s still a few things left. This waist pack will keep all your valuables close to hand while you’re off on an adventure – hopefully in a Pikachu camper van! You can also get this design on clothing.

Sumikko Gurashi camping plush

You might remember the Otter and Sumikko Camp theme and there’s still quite a few things available. How adorable is this little plush play set with Tokage fishing while dressed as an otter? You can find more items from the collection at VeryGoods (JP), Cuteness (EU) and San-X (JP -requires forwarding service).

Smoko blind box figures

The original characters at Smoko (US) might not be quite as widely known but I’m sure you recognise Tayto Potato and Lil B Dumpling at least! You can try your luck with these Camping Friends blind boxes and hope to get your favourite of the 5.

Fuku Fuku Nyanko cat plush

The Fuku Fuku Nyanko cats look like the perfect camping buddies. These plush have matching hats and neckerchiefs and they remembered to bring a lantern, coffee, marshmallows and more. Get them at HAPiNS (JP – requires forwarding service) or pick up some Fuku Camp blind box figures.

Sylvanian Families caravan set

Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters are too fancy for a tent and instead have a fully equipped caravan (UK/US) with space for the whole family. I love those bunk beds and there’s a whole kitchen and bathroom too, plus lots of activities.

Sanrio washi tape

And one more Sanrio pick to finish as this washi tape at Kawaii Panda (EU) is too cute to leave out. Who else wants to head over there right now?

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