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Rilakkuma & Sumikko Gurashi Theme Parks

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San-X are having a theme park summer with super cute new collections for Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi, plus the new Netflix show of course. Shopping links are at the end of the post.

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We’ve been waiting impatiently to see more of the upcoming Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure Netflix show and now we have a full trailer! Everything about the sweets-themed park looks amazing and I’m glad to see some of the storylines from Rilakkuma & Kaoru will carry on too. Bad news for Kogumachan fans though as it really doesn’t seem like he’ll be in it.

Rilakkuma Funny Amusement Park plush

To coincide with the show, there’s a Funny Amusement Park collection with candy-themed plush, retro rides and attractions from the show as acrylic standees and plenty of pastel stationery too.

Rilakkuma gummy bear plush

My favourite has to be the gummy bears, packaged in a little pouch!

Watch on YouTube

Not to be left out, Sumikko Gurashi are visiting the Ghost Night Park, a very spooky amusement park. This is very much my thing with loads of ghosts and sweet treats.

Sumikko Gurashi glow in the dark plush

They’ve gone all out on the products too with lots of glow in the dark plushies! As well as these guys, there’s big ghost pillows, little rollercoaster carriages for your mini plush and even a dress up outfit so your existing toys can glow too. I’m also loving the stationery, which includes an invisible pen and a glow in the dark eraser.

Where to buy

The Rilakkuma theme is available now, but some items are already sold out at San-X Japan (JP – requires forwarding service). You can find more at VeryGoods (JP) and shops like Cuteness (EU) should have stock soon too. The Sumikko Gurashi collection will be available at the same links soon – keep an eye on San-X’s August shopping page for the exact launch date if you want to grab something.

If you can’t afford anything right now, there’s free wallpapers for both themes.

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