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New Sanrio Characters & Crafts Videos

Posted on June 3, 2022 by

I noticed a lot of fun new Sanrio videos recently so here’s a round up including old and new characters and cute crafts.

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Sanrio Japan launched 3 new characters last month and they each have an introductory video. My favourite is Gapawaru (a powerful dinosaur) but there’s also Kumamiren (a greedy bear alien) and Pokkyokuten (an ice cream polar bear). This news page has links to all their profiles and Twitter accounts.

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The classic gang are busy too as Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures returns for season 5. The trailer doesn’t give much away but the first episode is up now and there’s a new one every week.

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The Beatcats are adorable and hope they get more merch outside Japan soon. Here’s their latest music video for Delicious Beat.

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The annual Sanrio Character Ranking is always a fun reminder that there’s so many other characters that got left behind. Cakes With Faces shares some Unusual Sanrio Characters You Never Hear About.

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One of my old favourites was the Sugar Bunnies and decocookie recently unearthed an old DIY Candy Making Kit that looks like an expensive early version of Popin’ Cookin’.

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And finally, heekkong희꽁 continues their incredible run of miniatures houses with a Hello Kitty house. So many cute details here!

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