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Kawaii Red Panda Picks

Posted on April 14, 2022 by

I haven’t been able to watch the new Pixar movie Turning Red yet but I am already in love with the giant fluffy red panda the main character Mei Lee keeps turning into. If you’re a fan of the movie, or red pandas in general, here’s some cute shopping picks and a DIY.

Turning Red panda plush

Build-A-Bear are already on the case with a huggable Turning Red Panda plush (UK/US), complete with big bushy tail. You can make it in store or order online and there’s also a cute pyjama set if you already own another BAB plush.

Turning Red panda t-shirts

Hot Topic (US) have so many cute Turning Red t-shirts that it was impossible to choose just one to feature. I especially love all the illustrations and pastel colours.

Turning Red panda wallet

Loungefly (US) have revealed a fun new backpack and wallet but they’re not quite ready for sale yet. Sign up online – or at Truffle Shuffle (UK) – to get notified on release.

Aggretsuko stickers

I can’t do this post without a mention of everyone’s other favourite red panda character, Aggretsuko! Sanrio (US) have added a few new items recently including this mini sticker pack.

kawaii red panda coin purse

On to more general red panda picks! Keep your cash stashed in kawaii style with an adorable Pochi Friends coin purse at JetPens (US).

kawaii red panda plush

This Releaxeazz red panda plush at (EU) is a little bit special – you can unzip it to turn it into a mini travel pillow and there’s a sleep mask inside too.

red panda sylvanian families

Of course Sylvanian Families (UK) have a red panda family and you can pick up a set with Wilbur, Fliss & little Frances. In the US they’re Calico Critters and named Russell, Rufina & Rowena!

Turning Red panda crochet pattern

There aren’t a lot of Turning Red DIYs yet but you’ll find a few crochet patterns on Etsy including this one by Yarn Ami Crochet.

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