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Cute Youtube DIYs To Watch & Make

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I can’t be the only person who watches Youtube DIYs that I would never actually attempt to make myself. Usually it’s because they’re complicated bakes or crafts that require supplies and skills I don’t have. Here’s some cute DIYs I’ve come across recently that are fun to watch, and maybe you’ll want to try them too.

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The videos on WHIP SUGAR icingcookies are not really intended as tutorials because us ordinary mortals don’t have these incredible icing skills! They are fascinating to watch though and maybe they will inspire you to try something a bit simpler. (Original video is no longer available, I’ve replaced with a different one)

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Sugar High Score are also super talented and make all kinds of video game inspired bakes. How adorable is this Brewster’s Coffee Cup Cake and Sable Cookies set? You can find a few 3D printed cookie cutters on Etsy if you want to try making the sable cookies.

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We’ve featured heekkong희꽁 a lot on SCK over the years and their miniatures and dollhouses just get more and more impressive. Just watch this clay miniature picnic set and be amazed at all the details, and how realistic it looks.

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I’m occasionally tempted to buy another dollhouse miniature kit and so was happy to see Maqaroon making one by the same brand I tried. This modern dollhouse even has some of the exact same pieces but also some differences including electric lights and more open walls. I may have laughed when she gave up on those horrible fiddly plants that I also refused to make.

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I find resin crafts quite intriguing but it seems like you need to so much stuff and I already have a home full of craft supplies. If you are wanting to get started Sophie & Toffee (SG) have a lot of kawaii kits and supplies, including monthly boxes (SCK readers can get 10% off everything using our affiliate link). Creative Rachey shared a look at their recent Alice in Wonderland Disney Subscription Box including how to make the main piece, a shaker bottle. It’s really cool that the whole thing is made of resin.

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I love Bunniwinkle‘s studio vlogs and this one shows the process of Making Figurines with Air Dry Clay. The finished bunnies are all too adorable with so many cute themes and details. Best of all, you can buy them too, though this batch is sold out – keep an eye out for the next drop.

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fromegg is THE channel to follow for Sumikko Gurashi toys and crafts and I enjoyed watching this cookie kit come to life. It’s really clever with separate stamps for the faces and the finished cookies are so cute! This looks very manageable if you can track down the kit (it’s from Daiso and I can’t see it anywhere online).

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