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Winter 2021 Pusheen Box Review

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After a lot of delays, here’s our review of the Winter Pusheen Box! It had a Holiday Movie Night theme with cosy treats for the cold weather. Let’s have a look at what was inside. 

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

I’ll talk more about the delays further down but our box didn’t end up shipping until January 7th (and took 2 weeks to be delivered) so this review feels super late but I hope you still find it interesting. The box itself had a fairly basic design with just a candy cane and some popcorn on top. The vinyl figure has Pusheen cosying up under a blanket with the cutest mug of cocoa – I love the tiny gingerbread man! Unfortunately, there was clearly some problem with the blue pillows part. Mine had come apart and even once I chipped off all the thick glue on the base, it won’t fit back in place properly. For the photos it is just balanced on top and will slide right off if moved. A disappointing start all round, oh dear!

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

Things were better inside though, with a wintry mint, pink and white colour scheme. There were 8 items in the Winter 2021 Pusheen Box: pullover, slipper socks, plush, blanket, salt shaker, popcorn buckets, movie checklist notepad and vinyl figure. Below are my thoughts on the top 5 most interesting items and a summary of the rest.


Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review
Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

Quite often kawaii blankets end up being a tiny lap blanket but this is HUGE! The front has the same design as the vinyl figure with the words Snuggle Time. It feels very soft in a velvety way and also has a fuzzy sherpa lining.

It’s quite a light blanket so I wasn’t sure how warm it would be but it’s actually very cosy. This would be great for the sofa or as an extra cute layer on your bed. I already have way too many blankets and comforters (because Scotland) but I might have to keep it for the cuteness.

Popcorn Buckets (& Salt Shaker)

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review
Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

Popcorn is a classic movie night snack and one I’m usually too lazy to make, since my microwave is too small for the easy option. I might have to make the effort more often as these popcorn buckets are very cute! They’re plastic, rather than the usual cardboard, so you can use them every weekend. They don’t look very big but you can actually get a quite a lot in there, and you can always refill it.

There was a salt shaker included that could also be used for cinnamon or other spices. The lid doesn’t fit very well though and the choice of Santa Pusheen as the design is very weird – is this only for Christmas popcorn?

Pusheen Plush

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

I usually find the Pusheen Box plushies a bit boring as they’re always the exact same plush with one small item added. This one is much better though, as she has a blanket around her shoulders and a little popcorn bucket (filled with way too much popcorn – don’t be so greedy, Pusheen!). I love how fluffy the popcorn is and she’d make a sweet movie watching buddy if you can’t get together with friends.

Slipper Socks

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review
Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

This is a great item for the theme and season and the design is very kawaii with a pink cable knit, fluffy lining and cute holiday wreath on the side, plus grips on the bottom so you can make a kitchen run without slipping. I personally find these so warm that wearing them for these photos got a bit uncomfortable but they’d be perfect for anyone who suffers from cold feet.


Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review
Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

I’ve been loving the recent clothing items (I’m wearing my Boosheen jumper right now) so had high hopes for this. I thought it was a long-sleeved t-shirt but it has proper cuffs so is more like a lightweight jumper/sweater. It fits me well but it would need a warm coat on top or layered under a t-shirt. I really wish they’d used the Pusheen popcorn design though as, unlike Halloween, holiday designs don’t really work all year round.

Final Thoughts

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

Movie Night was a cute theme that fits the season well, especially in pandemic times, so I really think they should have dropped the holiday part and Santa hats. With a mid-December shipping date, the holidays are already almost over, even if there aren’t any delays. There’s still a lot to love and I’m already using the popcorn buckets regularly and will keep the plush, pullover and blanket. The only item I haven’t mentioned yet is the Movie Checklist notepad, which has to be the most useless item ever included in these boxes. It’s a nice idea but has a truly baffling format that really makes it unusable.

Winter 2021 Pusheen Box review

As a small business owner myself, I’m always understanding about shipping delays – especially during the holidays and a pandemic – but I do think this box was handled badly with a lack of information. I was a bit shocked to see the full box contents shared on the Pusheen Box Instagram before mine had even shipped, and really felt for any paying subscribers in the same delayed batch. I hope Pusheen Box will be more open about delays in future, and more careful about their spoilers.

Pricing & International Fees

spring 2022 pusheen box

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. UK boxes are now re-labeled in the UK with Royal Mail postage so there’s no customs fees to pay.

This box is long sold out but the Spring 2022 Pusheen Box is up for pre-order now with a gardening theme, and will ship in March. The Cat Kit has the same theme and is now open to international subscribers too. Nova will be getting one so we’ll have reviews of both here.

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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