Kawaii Suncatchers To Make Rainbows

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A few illustrators I follow have been creating kawaii suncatchers lately and I love them! It’s a window sticker that uses a cracked prism vinyl to create rainbows all around your room. Here’s some I’ve found – make sure to click through to see videos showing them in action.

bumblebee rainbow kawaii suncatchers

My flat has huge windows and white walls so I definitely needed one, and have ordered this bumblebee from Helen Bucher (EU). There’s 2 more super cute designs too with a flower and fried egg.

gems rainbow kawaii suncatchers

Rainbow Symphony (US) seem to have been in at the beginning of this trend and sell lots of different styles of rainbow suncatchers including full window sheets and sets. These gems can be grouped together or spread around the house and you’ll also find animals, plants, butterflies, planets and more.

frog rainbow kawaii suncatchers

This suncatcher by Ethereal May (US) brings together lots of cute things – frogs, strawberries, toadstools and rainbows.

frogs rainbow kawaii suncatchers

More frogs! These are a holographic design by Poppodopolis (UK) and will look cute even on rainy days.

plants rainbow kawaii suncatchers

Joanna Behar (EU) has some lovely designs for nature fans – my favourite is the Keep Growing leaf.

cat rainbow kawaii suncatchers

I’m sure cats would enjoy all the rainbows and bballyall (US) have sleepy cat suncatchers in a few colours.

bunny rainbow kawaii suncatchers

Or how about some moon bunnies from MerakiSprinkle (UK) for a cute celestial theme?

rainbow kawaii suncatchers

These Summer Nights & Summer Days designs by KamiAri Studio (US) are simple but cute and almost like mini windows.

Search for rainbow suncatchers on Etsy to find even more to choose from and if you prefer to DIY, there’s lots of ideas on YouTube.

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