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Kawaii Summer Drinks To Buy & DIY

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With summer on the way, you might need some new ideas to keep cool and hydrated. Here’s some kawaii summer drinks to try, whether you pick something up online or make a recipe at home.

kawaii bubble tea Boba Cookbook

If you love bubble tea, there’s a new Boba Cookbook (UK / USA) out now which includes 35 recipes for all different kinds of boba. Author Wendy Leung also has an online shop Hello Boba Friends (US) where you can order ingredients and kits. In the UK try The Teashed instead.

korean cafe drinks recipes

Live your Korean cafe dreams with the recipes at My Korean Kitchen. Some of the ingredients may be tricky to find locally but there’s everything from milk drinks and sparkling drinks to fruit teas and Dalgona coffee.

kawaii Japanese drinks recipes

Moshi Moshi Nippon have a nice article with 5 Simple and Kawaii Drinks to make at home that includes some interesting ideas like Dalgona strawberry and mikan latte.

kawaii summer drinks recipes

And for something super fun, how about a Color Changing Lemonade Slushie by The Flavor Bender? This isn’t done with food colouring but will really change colour as you watch, due to a special ingredient reacting with the acid in the lemonade! The recipe is very detailed and includes shopping links so you can really wow everyone.

kawaii Japanese drinks

Tofu Cute (UK) have the cutest selection of Japanese drinks and I’d like to try these new Tomomasu sparkling fruit drinks. They come in 5 flavours and I love the colourful bottles. Tofu Cute also stock ramune, Pokemon Ocean Bomb and more. (Drinks ship within the UK only)

Fanta Premier Japanese drinks

I always enjoy looking for new seasonal Fanta flavours when I’m in Japan and Sugoi Mart (JP) have some fun ones for summer. I’m intrigued by the new Fanta Premier series for adults in peach, grape and orange. They stock lots of other Japanese drinks too, and can ship worldwide.

Karel Capek teas

Rainbowholic (JP) are an official international stockist for Karel Capek teas and have so many cutely packaged flavours that you can enjoy hot or cold. If you can’t decide what to try, pick up one of the mixed sets, which even come with a kawaii storage pouch. They also stock the cutest mini jugs for brewing – I ordered a bunny one recently and can’t wait for it to arrive.

infusion tea

Don’t dismiss your local supermarket either! I really like cold infusion bags that you add to your water bottle. There are lots of brands and fun flavours so check the tea aisle next time you’re shopping.

What are your favourite summer drinks?

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    Raspberry teas, lemonade, cold matcha, and most boba tea are my go to, so this is a great selection!

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