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Interesting Kawaii Stationery Finds

Posted on April 27, 2021 by

I’ve been collecting kawaii stationery for most of my life so I love it when I come across something that feels new and different. Here’s some interesting stickers, tape, labels and stationery sets that you’ll want to try.

Sanrio kawaii stationery bento box

These Sanrio bento box style stationery sets at ARTBOX (UK) are too cute! They’re packaged just like train station bentos with chopstick pencils and food-themed erasers and memo pad. Choose from 5 sets with all your favourite Sanrio characters.

Hello Kitty kawaii stationery set

Hello Kitty and Friends also turn up in some colourful stationery playsets available from Mattel (US) and Smyths (UK). The pencil case style box opens up into a play area for the little figures and there’s also stickers, stencil and erasers.

kawaii stationery - Rilakkuma washi tape labels
kawaii stationery - Rilakkuma masking seals

If you’re more of a San-X fan, I recently picked up some masking tape seal bits and think it’s such a fun idea. They’re basically short strips of washi tape but packaged like sticker flakes. It’s a cute way to decorate journal pages and mail without having to get the scissors out, and each pack has 64 pieces in 8 designs so will last ages. Cuteness (EU) and Cute Things From Japan (JP) both have a few Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi packs.

kawaii stationery - roll of labels

I’ve seen rolls of labels before but never one this big! Aranzi Aronzo (JP) have made this mega roll that has 100 labels in 6 different character designs so should keep you organised for a while. It’s a limited edition item so don’t wait too long to order.

kawaii stationery - animal label stickers

Cute Things From Japan (JP) have something similar from the Midori brand – this roll has 45 label stickers in 6 cute animal designs. These would be perfect for gifts and happy mail.

kawaii stationery - label stickers box
kawaii stationery - cat stickers

Fallindesign (KR) have so much unique stationery from Korea and I especially like these NACOO brand sticker boxes. There’s lots of fun designs to choose from and each box is packed full of stamp-sized stickers.

kawaii stationery - correction tape

I was just thinking about correction tape recently (after messing up my habit tracker!) and then came across Legami (EU), a cute Italian stationery company. Their correction tapes look like candy and milkshakes, and there’s a lot of fun pens too. They only ship within Europe but you can find some items at Colour Splash Supplies (UK) who ship worldwide.

kawaii stationery - lego pens

JetPens (USA) can always be relied on for something unexpected and these Blox pens have a Lego-style exterior so you can stick them together in lots of ways. That would be great for travel and stop things getting lost in your bag. There’s a few different packs and types of pens, plus mechanical pencils and erasers too.

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    April 27, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    I have some fine too markets that can be joined at the kid, and it is indeed great for travel! Love that correction tape too, it’s so cute!

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    April 27, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    O my goodness! That Rilukkuma washi tape is so adorable! I’m a big Rilukkuma fan!

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