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Cute Sewing Accessories To Buy & DIY

Posted on April 15, 2021 by

I find hand sewing so relaxing, whether it’s cross stitch, embroidery or felt plush. Cute sewing accessories are always helpful to keep you organised and make the best use of your time so here’s some ideas to buy online or make as your next craft project.

kawaii tea cup pincushion

Pincushions are a must unless you enjoy discovering lost pins in ouchy ways. There are so many cute ones around, like these tea cups by Hannahdoodle (UK). You can choose from lots of colours, and there’s a matching coffee cup too.

DIY macaron pincushions

For a DIY option, I really like these colourful squishy macarons by Minki Kim. This is a project from her book, Zakka from the Heart (UK / US) and there’s a sew-along video that shows you how to make one. There’s lots more cute DIYs on Youtube too.

embroidered needle minder books

A needleminder book is a more useful option for on-the-go crafting and they make great gifts for sewists. Jenn Maruska Design (US) makes such pretty ones with embroidered flowers and bees.

butterfly DIY needle book

Mollie from Wild Olive recently dug up this old tutorial for a butterfly needle book and it’s still super adorable, with free template and instructions.

kawaii cat needleminder

I always absent-mindedly push my needle into my clothing when I’m doing things like changing thread and have gone all the way to answer the door like that! What I need is a magnetic needle minder that attaches to your fabric and will keep the needle safe. Snarky Crafter Designs (US) has a great range of cute, crafty and pop culture designs (and some sweary/rude ones too!). How cute is this sleepy kitty?

rainbow kawaii cabochons

You can also make a needle minder from just about anything flat + 2 strong magnets and The Spruce Crafts has a simple tutorial with all the details. If you don’t already have something suitable for the top, try searching for kawaii cabochons as they have a flat back. PinkyPonyCrafts (UK) has loads of cute ones like these pastel rainbow stars.

owl floss holder

I’ve never owned a floss holder but I can see it would be very useful to have your project colours all together while you work. These owls are widely available and you can customise the tummy with some cross stitch. Plastic Little Covers (UK) has both the blanks and a kit to add the flower design shown.

DIY thread bobbins

Or make yourself a family of bunnies to help out! This is a really easy tutorial by Pink Stripey Socks using cardboard and markers but I like how handmade they look with all the different expressions. You could customise it for other animals too.

Happy sewing!

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