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Kawaii Snow Day Crafts

Posted on January 18, 2021 by

There’s been a lot of snow here in Scotland lately – but not in my town, which is extremely unfair. Instead, I’ve had to make my own snow day fun so here’s some cute crafts to try while staying cosy indoors.

kawaii snowman origami

We’ve featured this snowman origami tutorial by OrigamiAko before but I made some myself for friends and family and wanted to recommend it again. The whole thing is done with 1 sheet and the patterned side becomes the scarf and hat. I used some free printable origami paper by Paper Kawaii and love that they all came out a little differently! One top tip – if you’re making a few, do them in a batch. I laid out 3 sheets and paused the video to do the same thing on all 3. It worked out much faster than doing each one individually.

Watch on YouTube

For a simpler paper craft, Hello Origami has a cute snowman DIY that uses supplies you’ll already have in the house. They’d be cute for window decorations.

animal paper snowflakes

We’ve all made paper snowflakes as kids but they were nothing like these amazing animal designs by Paper Snowflake Art! They’ve got loads to choose from, and other designs too – the time-lapse videos are fun to watch and you can download templates to make your own.

snowflake penguin cross stitch pattern

Stitch a snowflake with a cute penguin inside with this Snowy the Penguin cross stitch pattern by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. There’s more cuteness in the Winter collection too.

snow animals felt sewing pattern

Felt sewing is a great craft for cosy couch days and Hello Felt has a digital pattern for a Snowy Kitty, Bear and Bunny trio of friends. I love their faces! You could put these in the Christmas decorations box once the snow melts and have a nice surprise when you unpack it all again.

kawaii yeti amigurumi crochet pattern

At least if there’s no snow, you won’t run into a yeti! Although this one is so happy and huggable I wouldn’t mind. The amigurumi crochet pattern is suitable for beginners and available from 3amgracedesigns.

winter planner stickers

I couldn’t finish this post without including these super kawaii Shovel Snow planner stickers by HappyDAYA (Singapore)! Perfect for a journal page if you live somewhere very snowy.

Kawaii Pom Pom Snowman DIY

And don’t forget my Pom Pom Snowman tutorial! We’ve got a few more ideas in the Winter Crafts section too.

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    February 15, 2021 at 12:35 am

    So fun, fact: I know one of the ladies behind the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery! We used to work together at Michael’s Arts & Crafts like 10 years ago! Imagine my surprise when one day I was looking for kawaii cross stitch and came across her work. I’ve stitched several of their charts over the years and honestly, they make the best patterns I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend them to any and all cross stitchers – or even folks who are curious but too intimidated to try! It’s a lot easier than it looks.

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