January Kawaii Videos Roundup

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Here’s our monthly Youtube catch up with fun and kawaii videos from the last few weeks that you might have missed.

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How on earth is is Pokemon’s 25th anniversary?! If you’re a long-time fan, this 25 Years of Memories video on the official Pokémon channel is full of old toys and cards, and is just super clever and fun to watch. The thumbnail image does not do it justice – there’s a whole Rube Goldberg/chain reaction machine with Pokeballs and Pikachus.

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HMS2 has a full unboxing video for a Re-Ment miniatures series with Sakura Color Products. These are tiny versions of real life Japanese art materials for painting, origami, clay sculpting and more. As always, the details are incredible and I love how they pretend to use each item to make the finished art.

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If you have literally a minute to spare, shake off your end-times frustrations with the からめる / Karameru channel. It has a series of very short animations of the Axolotl That Suddenly Got Sick of Everything. I don’t want to spoil these as they get more silly and hilarious as they go on, but it’s sure to cheer up your day. Shout out to Makiko Itoh for the link – you should follow her on Facebook for interesting Japanese stuff.

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Speaking of Japan, Amy of Cakes With Faces has a new gachapon round up with some of the most kawaii, funny and strange capsule toys from Japan. There’s always something completely unexpected in these – and I miss Japan so much!

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Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive has started a new channel and it already has helpful crafting tips for embroidery, cross stitch and English paper piecing. Stitching Wild Olive Faces even shows you how to cute up any project in Mollie’s signature style!

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If you need some inspiration to refresh your Animal Crossing island, Princess Peachie has finally revealed her super kawaii sweets-themed island Sugarpop with a full tour. It’s as cute and pink as you’d imagine and includes a dream address and designer ID if you’d like to explore yourself or grab those fun patterns.

What have you been watching this month? If you need more ideas check out our subscriptions and playlists on Youtube.

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