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Cute Pom Poms To Make, Decorate & Wear

Posted on November 26, 2020 by

I love making pom poms and they’re so easy and affordable – all you need is some yarn, scissors and a pom pom maker (shop bought or DIY). I recommend Pom Maker’s tools and tutorials for beginners but there’s loads of Youtube videos too. Here’s some cute ideas for pom poms that you can buy or make to decorate your home, or yourself!

rainbow pom pom garland

If you’re getting ready to decorate, a pom pom garland is so cute and you can leave it up all year round. They’re simple to make yourself but ShopPomHandmade (UK) has lots of colour options to choose from if you want a DIY look but don’t have time.

Cute Pom Pom string lights

Oliver Bonas (UK) also have these pretty pom pom string lights that would look so cosy all through winter. If you’re in the US, there’s similar lights on Amazon.

Watch on YouTube

Ever since I started making pom poms, I’ve thought about making a Christmas wreath for my door but I never seem to have the time. Mr Carrington has an easy to follow DIY wreath tutorial inspired by a pricey Anthropologie wreath.

christmas pom pom wreath

There are more affordable readymade wreaths on Etsy too. I really like all the different styles at Pippins Cards and Gifts (UK) including snowy scenes, Christmas pudding and gingerbread man.

Watch on YouTube

If you’re a confident pom maker that wants to try something more complicated, the Pom Pom Wonderland channel has loads of fun ideas. This video of 7 multi-coloured designs is a good starting point to see how it all works before you try some of their animals and characters. You can turn these into decorations, charms or even earrings.

kawaii pom pom animals

There’s also a Pom Pom Wonderland Etsy shop (Vietnam) where you can buy detailed finished creations including animals and lots of fan art, plus yarn and tools.

dIy pom pom animals

Handmade Charlotte just finished up a series of adorable and easy animal pom pom tutorials including many I’ve never seen in pom form before. The dugong is definitely my favourite!

Kawaii Pom Pom Snowman DIY

And don’t forget my sweet little pom pom snowman tutorial! Mine is already hanging out on the tree (I was too excited to wait any longer) and it’s easier than you might think.

Who else loves pom poms?

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