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Kawaii Halloween Stickers & Washi Tape

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I love Halloween and I love hoarding – sorry, collecting – cute stationery so I’ll take any excuse to have a look around for some new things to share! Here’s some of the most kawaii Halloween stickers and washi tape on my wish list.

Kawaii Halloween Stickers

Doodlebug Design have a super cute new Halloween collection that includes washi tape, stickers and craft paper. I’m especially smitten with these 3D card stickers with ghosts, candy, haunted house and more. The little ghost driving their pumpkin around in a car has broken me. You can buy Doodlebug products at lots of shops but KraftNCreativity (USA) has the whole collection.

Kawaii Halloween Washi Tape

The Pink Samurai (USA) always has plenty enamel pins for spooky season and this year there’s washi tape too! It’s full of cats, candy corn and skulls with the perfect purple background.

Kawaii Halloween Stickers

This spooky sticker sheet by JessIllustraStore (UK) wins the prize for making me laugh out loud, which of course meant I had to buy it. I mean, who doesn’t need a screaming ghost telling them to just do it? There’s also another set without the text if you prefer.

Kawaii Halloween Planner Stickers

If you’re into journaling, Happy Daya (Thailand) has some very cute Halloween planner stickers for all types of layouts. These pastel Hobinichi sets are very sweet but there really is something for every spooky fan.

Kawaii Halloween Stickers

Halloween always makes me miss Japan as we often visited in time for spooky shopping. OneTwoThreeRoom (Japan) has lots of kawaii Halloween stationery to choose from so I can kind of recreate the experience of getting overwhelmed in Loft.

Kawaii Halloween Vinyl Stickers

If you prefer big stickers, Glitter Magic (UK) has a few vinyl stickers to choose from including these happy ghosts trapped in a bottle.

Kawaii Halloween Washi Tape

mt make some of the best washi tape around and this year’s Halloween designs include candy, pumpkins and night time. They’re pretty hard to find online but Little Happy Things (USA) have some designs in stock and Washi Wednesday (Singapore) have some previous years’ designs.

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