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New Kawaii Books To Pre-Order

Posted on August 14, 2020 by

I like to have a few books on pre-order as it’s a nice surprise for your future self. I’m sure we could all do with something to look forward to so here’s some new creative kawaii books you’ll want to pick up or add to your wish list. I’ve included Amazon links below but US readers can also order them all through which supports independent bookshops. Here’s our page and we’ll add more lists and books soon.

Kawaii Doodle World Book

If you’re a fan of Pic Candle‘s cute doodles, Zainab has a new book coming out next week. Kawaii Doodle World (UK / USA) will teach you how to draw 100 lovable, huggable characters and also how to combine them into groups and scenes.

How to Draw Cute Beasts kawaii drawing book

Angela Nguyen aka pikarar has been creating kawaii drawing books for a while now and volume 4 is out next week too. The latest edition shows you How to Draw Cute Beasts (UK / USA), and promises fantastic creatures from a range of cultures.

Amigurumi Christmas kawaii crochet book

Anyone who likes to make handmade gifts knows you really can’t get started on your Christmas crafting too early. Crochet fans will love Amigurumi Christmas (UK / USA) by Sarah-Jane Hicks of Flo & Dot, out next month with 20 adorable festive projects. As well as cute takes on Santa, Elves and Snowmen, there’s some happy foodie treats like mince pies, sprouts and pigs in blankets!

 Christmas with Kim-Joy  kawaii baking book

If you’re more into baking, how about celebrating Christmas with Kim-Joy (UK / USA). It’s published in October so you’ll have plenty time to choose your favourite edible treats and get some practice in before the holiday season. How can you not be excited about melted snowman cake pops, white chocolate igloos with marshmallow seals, penguin bao buns and a magical gingerbread village?

Kawaii Kitties cat drawing book

Looking into next year, creative cat lovers will need Kawaii Kitties: Learn How to Draw 100 Cats in All Their Glory (UK) in February. It’s by Malaysian artist bichi.mao and will teach you everything you need to know about drawing cute cats including different breeds, poses and costumes.

Pokemon Crochet book

And March feels so far away but the first official Pokemon Crochet book (UK / USA) is something to get excited about. If you can’t wait that long, the author is Sabrina’s Crochet who has some digital Pokemon patterns available now.

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