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August Kawaii Video Roundup

Posted on August 31, 2020 by

Here’s our monthly Youtube catch up with fun and kawaii videos from August that you might have missed.

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Have you binged through Aggretsuko season 3 already? If the OTM Girls are your new favourites, they have some real songs available through Spotify & Apple Music. You can watch the Buzz Ritai music video now on Sanrio’s channel.

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TheHollycopter took a DIY miniature dollhouse bedroom kit and gave it a super cute Animal Crossing theme. There are so many clever little details!

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Marie’s Kawaii World has lots of great videos this month covering a wide range of topics. This round up of cute Korean beauty products was fun to watch – I always enjoy seeing all the kawaii packaging.

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LOVESOUP has a sweet little video where Sai tries making bear-shaped mitarashi dango. Look at their little faces!

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We haven’t been keeping up with Popin’ Cookin’ DIY candy kits lately. japanesestuffchannel has a video making a new colourful ice cream shop kit with lots of different options.

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Since I started my own tiny Youtube channel I like to support other newbies. I came across Mai Narushima’s kawaii art recently and love these cheerleading cats. Go give them a follow on Youtube and Instagram.

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And maybe you’d like to have a look around my Animal Crossing island, Neptune? My dream address is there too if you want to come and visit.

What have you been watching this month? If you need more ideas check our our subscriptions and playlists on Youtube.

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