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More Kawaii Sticker Sheets

Posted on June 29, 2020 by

Kawaii sticker sheets are one of my favourite things to hoard as you get lots of different sticker designs and they’re usually very affordable to buy and ship. Here’s a few I’ve got my eye on.

kawaii sticker sheets for journaling

I came across Happy Daya (Thailand) on Instagram and it’s only the overwhelming choice of designs that is keeping me from placing an order. The original hand-drawn designs are available as sets for all popular journal brands, plus limited edition subscription packs and smaller sets and kits – and washi tape too. I especially love the foiled stickers, like this afternoon tea set.

penguin kawaii sticker sheets

Cute Things From Japan (Japan) is back open and busy restocking with new designs. They have such a great mix of big-name brands & characters and smaller Japanese brands & illustrators. Aimi Nakamura is a new favourite for me – so many cute penguins with food and nature themes.

bread kawaii sticker sheets

I’ve already mentioned my love of kawaii bread this month so it’s hard to resist this Choobi Toast Buddies sticker sheet by Shop Choobi (USA). Don’t miss their adorable Sad Pup character either.

kawaii planner stickers

Dumplings don’t often get the spotlight and this sheet of planner stickers by Toasted Ink (UK) is too cute. There’s lots of other kawaii food too.

cats kawaii sticker sheets

If you love cats, you’ll love this LOVE CATS sticker sheet by Naoshi (USA). They’re so colourful and perfect for decorating happy mail to friends.

kawaii planner stickers

PancakeBunnyCo (Canada) has all the cute stickers including animals, food, functional, washi strips and lots more. The rainy weather is making me feel a lot like these lazy koalas.

kawaii sticker sheets

And I’ll leave you with some Very Floofy sticker sheets by BeKyoot (USA) that are sure to cheer anyone up.

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