Cute & Positive Postcard Sets

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Postcards are always handy to have around to send to friends or display in your home. Here’s some cute and positive postcard sets from Etsy so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Cute & Positive Postcard Sets

Food with faces is always a winner with me, and how cute is this postcard set by Haymoon Studio (Germany)? It’s got pizza, toast, bubble tea, ramen and donut so you can send everyone their favourite treat.

Cute & Positive Postcard Sets

Send some hellos to far off friends with the Lil Friends postcard set by Lydia Jean Art (USA). I love how colourful these are and that they feature less obviously cute animals like a shark and possum.

Cute & Positive Postcard Sets

If you’re a cat lover, FluffOfMyLife (Australia) has you covered with a set of 15 cute postcards featuring Rocky, a special needs cat. There’s designs for lots of different occasions and holidays so you’ll never be short of a card when you need one.

Cute & Positive Postcard Sets

Spread some positivity with a set of 4 art postcards by Chloe Fae Designs (UK) or keep them for yourself as a motivational reminder.

Cute & Positive Postcard Sets

ASAMIJapan (Hong Kong) have lots of great postcard sets but my favourite is this Japan Grocery Cards Set. The words have very little connection to the illustrations which makes them a little bit surreal and very funny. I’m a big fan of the bread postcard with the word ENJOYABLE and the one that just says ‘I want to drink juice’ but all 30 are amazing.

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