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Most of the SCK Team have been spending all our free time playing Animal Crossing New Horizons so I thought it would be fun to share a look at our islands and characters. We’d love to hear about yours too.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Marceline / Neptune

My island is called Neptune and my native fruit is cherries, as always (thanks “mom” for the apples!). My favourite villagers are Wade the lazy penguin and Carmen the peppy bunny. I’m enjoying everything but especially making cute little hang-out areas to sit in and trying on all the clothes at the tailors. I’m also surprised at how much I enjoy terraforming and have been creating some fun details. I’m sharing more pics on Twitter as @marcelineACNH.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Nicolette / Jumbles

My island is called Jumbles and I got pears as my fruit which was exciting as I usually get peaches. My favourite residents are Vivian because she is stylish and visits the museum and Kyle cos he’s always singing and that’s adorable! I like making gardens and little hidden areas on my island and love to dress up and choose new outfits – I’m currently dressed as a grape!

Animal Crossing New Horizons

MissMuffcake / cutie land

My island is called cutie land and my native fruit is cherries. My favorite moment has been meeting Flick and chatting about bugs! I love that Flick is super punk rock – down to his art (he trades rather than sells it!).

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Andi / Seaberry

My character’s name is Lumina and she lives on Seaberry! The native fruit is pears but I consider the unofficial ‘official fruit’ of Seaberry the coconut! I love meeting new villagers, but I really have a soft spot for Cookie and Lolly. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve really been enjoying terraforming and setting up different areas on the island. I love that there are so many tropical and beach themed items in this game, too—I’ve been wishing for more since the Gamecube version! One thing I love is seeing the different themes/vibes that players invent for their islands, so I’d love to see and hear more about everyone’s islands.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Tell us about your island!

We’d love to hear what you called your island and what you’ve been doing – leave a comment and tell us! Feel free to use the space for trading or finding new friends too but be sensible. The SCK Team are not currently opening our islands to visits but maybe we’ll have a team meetup sometime. Nicolette and I have been hanging out a few times since we’re in lockdown together.

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    These are all awesome!! I am having so much fun playing too! My island is called Haven, my fruit is apple and my flower is the rose. I am working on getting new islanders – for the moment I have Re’nee and Billy. I think my favorite character so far is Blathers – he’s so funny and expressive and I love how he gets freaked out over insects! I really like creating my dream wardrobe with all the cool clothes and indulging my fun side with pink braids. And, I really like the fishing aspect for some reason – I’m getting better at it…love that little woo-hoo noise when you catch something. My son is on the game too so it’s fun to visit each other on our islands to see what’s going on!

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