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Make Your Own DIY Dollhouse

Posted on March 17, 2020 by

Are you ever really too old for a dollhouse? Building them is as fun as playing with them, and you can customise them with cute furniture and decorations. Here’s some DIY dollhouses, plus dolls, accessories and more.

DIY Dollhouse kit

Dollhouse kits come with everything you need and will keep you occupied for ages. The designs are so detailed and creative – this one even has a cat! 1127Handcrafter (Hong Kong) has a nice selection, but there are tons to choose from on Etsy.

DIY Dollhouse paper crafts

For something simpler and faster, Fantastic Toys have loads of super cute printable paper crafts including a dollhouse and furniture available separately. Or pick up a mushroom cottage or kitty cafe!

Watch on YouTube

Heekkong’s YouTube channel is full of amazing DIY dollhouse rooms with themes from strawberries to Gudetama. You can see a selection in the video above and check out the full playlist for how to make them.

printable paper doll kawaii

If you don’t already have a small doll, figure or plushie, why not make one? Lady Lucas has a sweet cat paper doll that you can download and print. Zoe comes with 3 dresses and accessories including a sewing machine.

DIY Doll sewing patterns

If you can sew, DelilahIris has lots of felt sewing patterns for dolls and animals. These 3 come as a bundle and look like very good friends.

Watch on YouTube

If they need some accessories, Alexa DIYS & CRAFTS has a fun round-up of 24 DIY Barbie hacks and crafts that will fit other dolls and plushies too.

Whatever you decide, don’t look at the dollhouse miniatures tag on Etsy because you may never come out the other side. So many adorable tiny cute things!

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