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Kawaii Water Bottles

Posted on October 22, 2019 by

One of the easiest ways to help the planet a little is to carry your own water bottle. I’ve never really liked the metal one I bought over a decade ago so I’ve been looking for a new one that I’ll actually use. If you need one too, here’s some of the cute water bottles I spotted in my search.

Cute Water Bottles

Noodoll (UK) have some new bottles and I really love the look of them. It’s a collaboration with 24Bottles and available as 3 cute Ricemonster characters. These were a bit too wide for my bag pocket, otherwise I would have been very tempted.

Cute Water Bottles

If you’re low on cash, Rex London (UK) have a big range of water bottles starting from just £5.95. They come in lots of cute animal designs with various sizes and both plastic and metal available.

kawaii personalised water bottle

If you’d like a personalised option, check out Zazzle (USA) as you can add a name to designs uploaded by artists. Both the above are by Sugarhai, who has loads of kawaii designs to choose from.

Sanrio water bottles

A last-minute add as these little Sanrio water bottles at ARTBOX (UK) are too cute to leave out. I’m torn between Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin as a favourite so I’m glad I saw these too late to have to choose.

Cute Water Bottles

Here’s what I ended up buying – on holiday in the Netherlands, at HEMA (EU). It’s the perfect size for my bag pocket, has a cute sprinkles design with pop-out straw and was a total bargain at €3,50! This design isn’t available in HEMA’s online store but you can get a green version with cats instead.

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