Highlights From Hyper Japan Summer 2019

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We had a great time at Hyper Japan last weekend! It’s the UK’s biggest Japanese culture event, which takes place in London every year. You can see all the photos and videos we shared on Instagram stories, or check out my Flickr photo album.

Hyper Japan Summer 2019

We managed to get along on both Friday and Sunday so here’s our highlights.

Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Hyper Japan Summer 2019


There aren’t many big cons in Scotland so this was my first time seeing a real cosplay contest. I was so impressed by everyone’s outfits and performances, even though I had no idea who most of the characters are (I need to watch more anime!). Sunday definitely had a more exciting feel than Friday, thanks to all the cosplayers wandering around.

Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Hyper Japan Summer 2019

Teru Teru Bozu Workshop

One of the best changes since my last visit to Hyper Japan is that the craft workshops are now drop-in so you can wander over for a break and create something cute. There were lots of fun things to try but we both wanted to make a teru teru bozu (a Japanese good weather charm).

It was really easy to do and there was plenty opportunity to add your own twist so we both made completely different charms that are equally cute. Mine has the pink hair bow and Nicolette’s is the strawberry cat. The workshop was run by Jessica at flapjac and you should look out for her at other events as it was a lot of fun.

Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Kawaii plush and stationery at ARTBOX
Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Clockwise from top left: Tofu Cute, Aoi Clothing, Tokyo Toys, Doki Japanese Tableware.

Kawaii Shopping

We dedicated the Friday to checking out all the shops as it’s always amazing to browse all the cute plushies, stationery, snacks and more in person at our favourite stores. ARTBOX was the highlight as always, and we spent a lot of time and money there, but we also loved Tofu Cute, Dreamy Bows, Tokyo Toys, Aoi Clothing and Doki Japanese Tableware.

Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Clockwise from top left: Imouto, Magical Maidens, Little Bat Blue, Ellen Stubbings Illustration
Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Enamel pins by Geeniejay

Kawaii Artists & Makers

Hyper Japan is also a great chance to discover some new artists and smaller shops as there was a huge gallery packed with stalls. It was lovely to meet Imouto in person as well as familiar faces like Magical Maidens, Geri Draws Japan and Ellen Stubbings. My favourite new discovery was Geeniejay who had some adorable stickers and pins. Look out for a post with our favourite purchases next week.

Hyper Japan Summer 2019


Nintendo UK had a big area to showcase their new games and it was very exciting to see more of Link’s Awakening and Pokemon Sword & Shield. Nicolette got to meet Mario too!

Hyper Japan Summer 2019
Takoyaki, chicken karaage, pumpkin korokke and pineapple fruit tea

Japanese Food & Drink

There were lots of great snacks and drinks to try too. I especially enjoyed the fruit tea from Yi-Fang, fried foods from Peko Peko and lemon cheesekake dorayaki from Wagashi Japanese Bakery).

Big thanks to Hyper Japan for another super cute event! They’ll be back in November with a brand new event, EDO MATSURI NIGHTS so follow them on Facebook or Instagram to find out more about that.

SCK was provided with free entry to Hyper Japan but all photos and opinions are my own.

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