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If you’re looking for some cute Easter crafts to try, or something to keep you busy over the holiday weekend, we’ve found plenty for you!

Cute Easter Crafts - amigurumi crochet patterns

Fancy a big project? Irene Strange and Airali Design have teamed up for an Amigurumi Egg Hunt crochet-along. For $18 you get a series of surprise crochet patterns to create an Easter-themed display. It’s not just the usual bunnies and chicks either – you get to make everything from fake grass and flowers to a tiny picnic basket with vegetables and drinks!

Cute Easter Crafts - hot cross buns

Great British Bake Off fans are sure to remember Kim-Joy’s creations, as she always managed to add some cute animals to every bake. She’s got a regular recipe column at The Guardian now where you’ll find out how to make traditional hot cross buns but with tiny bunnies hiding inside. You can pre-order her book (UK / USA) now too.

Cute Easter Crafts - Gudetama eggs

For a quick DIY, Sanrio have shared how to make Gudetama eggs filled with confetti, plus a woven basket to display them in. You could skip the confetti and just decorate hard-boiled eggs.

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Most pom pom animal DIYs are just the head but this bunny tutorial at Miss Tricks Mix can sit up by itself for a cute decoration. It combines pom poms and needlefelting so good for anyone wanting to build their skills up.

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Clay crafters are sure to find something they’ll love in this Easter charms special from aCupOfCakeTV. There’s 5 different charms to make including a bunny, chick and egg.

Need more? Andi has been hunting up all the cutest videos on YouTube so check out our Easter Crafts playlist for loads more ideas including origami, drawing and sewing.

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