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Kawaii Sushi & Onigiri Picks

Posted on March 22, 2018 by

I  love Japanese food and cute food characters so let’s mix up the two with some kawaii sushi and onigiri.

kawaii sushi plush

Plusheez has lots of cute sushi plushies to choose from and they’re all handmade with the happiest of faces. There’s also sushi cats and even a blobfish!

kawaii sushi fabric

If you love to sew, Spoonflower have a huge range of kawaii sushi fabric, thanks to a recent contest. This sushi pattern by khaus is my favourite! Spoonflower print the designs on lots of different fabric types so you could make something fun for the kitchen like an apron or a tea towel, or just order from their range of readymade products.

kawaii sushi hamster onigiri stickers

Hamster onigiri! These stickers make me laugh so much, especially the chubby one in the hamster wheel.

kawaii sushi onigiri charms

These might be the cutest onigiri I’ve ever seen! They’re handmade by Ciali in Kawaiiland and can be used as phone straps or planner charms.

kawaii sushi tiger chopping board

If you like to make sushi at home, Fuzzballs have some cute new glass chopping boards. This tiger design would would be perfect and comes on matching coasters and stickers too.

Watch on YouTube

If you’d like to try making sushi, Cakes With Faces has a great new video including both fish and veggie options + a comic recipe book too.

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