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Kawaii Anime To Watch On Crunchyroll

Posted on March 14, 2018 by

Looking for something cute to watch? Why not check out all the kawaii anime streaming on Crunchyroll! Here’s a few shows from my queue that you might have missed.

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If you haven’t watched the legendary Mitchiri Neko cat march video recently, then go ahead and enjoy yourself first. Then be very excited that there’s a Mitchiri Neko anime series! It includes lots more musical cats, plus you can learn some new Japanese words. There’s ten episodes available now with new ones every Monday.

Kawaii Anime on Crunchyroll - Sanrio Boys

Sanrio Boys is a high school story but with boys who love Sanrio characters! It could easily have just been a cute fluffy show but it has a great story and should be a must-watch for any guys who love kawaii and feel a bit left out sometimes. There’s ten episodes to watch now and new ones on Saturdays.

Kawaii Anime on Crunchyroll - Working Buddies!

I need to watch Working Buddies! soon as it’s all about cats! Two cat friends work at a different job each episode so it’s a cute way to learn more about Japanese businesses. It sounds a bit silly but I really find anime helpful when I visit Japan. They always feature a  lot of everyday things and it makes it easier to know how everything works. The first episode of Working Buddies! is in a convenience store and you’ll definitely visit a lot of those if you go to Japan.

Kawaii Anime on Crunchyroll - Bananya

There’s good stuff in the archives too. We’ve featured Bananya plush and products here many times but you might not know the characters are from an anime. Bananya is one of the more insane shows out there and I find it hilarious. The episodes are only 3 minutes long so you can watch all 13 pretty quickly.

You can watch all these shows on Crunchyroll. Most episodes are free to watch, either in full or as a sample, but they have ads and you have to wait a week or two for new episodes. Premium accounts start at £4.99 a month to watch shows as soon as they’re released without ads, plus new manga too. There’s a 14 day free trial so you can give it a go before you spend any money.

What cute shows are you watching at the moment? Share them in the comments so I can add them to my queue.

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