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I recently got back into making pom poms and it’s incredibly addictive. There are lots of products and tutorials for kawaii pom poms now so here’s some of my favourites.

pom maker

I have a few Clover pom pom makers in different sizes, including a tiny one! – but my new favourite is the Pom Maker. Not only does it look like a donut, but it’s made of wood and so much nicer to handle. I’ve found it works way better than plastic or cardboard makers, especially for multicolour pom poms, plus you can use the same one to make different sizes.

Watch on YouTube

Pom Maker also have some amazing videos on YouTube including a beginner’s guide and pandas, bunnies, ghosts and more! Their tutorials really show the importance of trimming. It takes a long time, but your pom poms will look so much better.

Watch on YouTube

Pokemon trainers can make a whole team of cuties from yarn with the Japanese craft book, Pom Pom Pokemon. Marimo Marshmallow have a fun video of the pom poms being made.

Sumikko Gurashi pom poms
Sumikko Gurashi pom poms

As a huge fan of both pom poms and Sumikko Gurashi, I screamed when I spotted this pom pom and knitting machine. Look how cute all the tiny minikkos are! The machine is quite pricey – and I can only find it on Amazon Japan – but you could easily figure out the pom pom versions without it. I need to make a dustball asap.

frillypops kawaii pom poms

If you you’d rather buy your pom poms readymade, check out Frilly Pops. They have the cutest pom pom earrings and bag charms including ice cream, fruit, pizza and onigiri!

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