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Cute Comforters for Cosy Evenings

Posted on November 27, 2017 by

Here in Scotland, it’s getting colder and darker by the day. If you’re feeling the chill, cute comforters are perfect for cosying up on the sofa and staying warm. Society6 have a great range featuring lots of kawaii artists. Here’s a few of my favourites.

cute comforters kawaii christmas cats

These gingerbread kitties by There Will Be Cute look so festive. This comforter would really get you in the holiday spirit when you pull it out every winter.

cute comforters kawaii coffee

If you hot coffee or cocoa is your winter drink of choice, Petits Pixels design will add some extra warmth and cuteness!

cute comforters kawaii donuts

You’ll need some donuts to go with that! KiraKiraDoodles has packed so many different donuts into her design and the colour scheme works all year if you live in a cold climate.

cute comforters kawaii pizza

Weekends are for pizza and bingeing your favourite TV show. Find your favourite topping at Heidi Kenney’s pizza party.

cute comforters kawaii space unicorns

Comforters are also great as an extra layer of bedding on cold nights. These space unicorns by Crowded Teeth are sure to give you magical dreams!

Check out the rest of Society6’s kawaii comforters, including some of mine featuring SCK’s Bunny & Panda. These comforters aren’t the cheapest option but you get to support independent artists and there’s 30% off today + free shipping worldwide. I ordered one for myself during the Black Friday sales last year and it was so worth it. You can read my review at Asking For Trouble.

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