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Pokemon Metamons & Ditto Transform

Posted on March 23, 2017 by

I love it when Ditto takes over my favourite Pokemon and makes an even cuter version. The first set of characters were adorable and now they’ve expanded the range with even more products.

pokemon metamons

Sometimes they’re called Metamons and sometimes just Ditto Transform – either way, they’re super cute! Try them both if you’re doing a search.


As always, Japan Stuffs has lots of new things available for pre-order including the new plushies – even Magnemite and Koffing look kawaii with a Ditto face! This whole range is released on Saturday so hurry if you want to reserve anything.


There are lots of transforming products too, like these Pikachu & starter Pokemon pouches that somehow turn into two other designs. How does it work?!?

pokemon center

The US Pokemon Center site should get some of these soon but they already have a big range of Ditto Transform plushies including affordable keyrings.

giant ditto plush

Or at the other end of the scale…a giant huggable Ditto! Yours for just $129 with free US shipping.

Watch on YouTube

If you prefer to DIY, check out Polymomo Tea’s new video, which shows you how to make Ditto-ised Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume charms from polymer clay – so cute!

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