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WOWBOX Subscription Box Review

Posted on June 29, 2016 by

wowbox review

We’ve been sent another Japanese candy subscription box to review, this time from WOWBOX. Unfortunately, it arrived just days before I left for Japan but it was great to come home and have all these fun snacks to try.


I received the April Original Fun & Tasty box in the largest size, which is one of the biggest boxes I’ve reviewed. This is what I found inside: mentaiko rice cracker, morning rusks, Popin’ Cookin’ pudding parfait kit, ramune Petit Gum, Pokemon Karipori, Super Mario pizza snacks, Pikachu popcorn snacks, Premium Umaibo, cola & soda Kaijiricho, Black Thunder Gold chocolate bars, Tamanegisan onion snacks, Jelly Pure apple gummies, mushroom soup Pringles, Sakura Cola and Tropical cotton candy. It also included a few printed pages with details of all the items including full ingredients and nutrition facts.


I was very excited to see Sakura Cola – the packaging is so pretty! It’s also a glass bottle so quite impressive that it made it all the way from Japan in one piece. I almost didn’t want to drink it as it’s such a pretty colour but I’m glad I did as it was really good. It tastes mainly like cherry cola, but a little bit lighter. If you can track some down next year, I definitely recommend it for a springtime picnic.


I was also excited to try these cute Nintendo snacks. The Super Mario snacks are 1Up pizza flavour (of course!) and come in star and mushroom shapes. The pizza flavour was good and I had no trouble scoffing the lot.


The Pikachu popcorn is even more fun with Pikachu head caramel cereal shapes and butter soy sauce popcorn. The mix of sweet and salty was really good and I might have to try and recreate the popcorn flavour.


I saw these Black Thunder Gold chocolate bars everywhere in Japan – they’re a very popular treat. They’re much smaller than UK chocolate bars, but it’s plenty since it’s packed full of chocolate chunks and coconut. I would definitely buy these again.


WOWBOX probably has the most savoury snacks of all the boxes I’ve tried, which I liked as too much sweet stuff can get sickly. I was expecting the onion snacks to be very strong, like pickled onion, but actually they were quite mild. I’m not a big mushroom fan but the Pringles were surprisingly good with more of a general savoury taste. Look out for Pizza Pringles though! I bought them so many times in Japan and wish they were available in the UK.


You can’t have a snack box without gummies and these Jelly Pure Apple gummies were cute heart shapes. They’re made with real fruit juice so are very appley and a little bit sour – great for fruit fans.


The Sakura Cola may have survived the trip, but I think it demolished the Umaibo as they had almost turned to powder! That’s a shame as the flavours were interesting – mozzarella & camembert and mentaiko (spicy fish egg)! The rice cracker is also mentaiko and if it sounds horrible it’s not fishy at all, just spicy. The rusks really do taste like sweet milk so good for ice cream fans too.


I’m not the biggest cotton candy fan but how can you resist this adorable panda packaging? It was pretty good to eat too with a tropical fruit flavour and a slightly fizzy texture that melts in the mouth.


The Popin’ Cookin’ pudding kit looks fun, but I’ve yet to try it out.  We’ll actually be looking for a new reviewer/writer to join the team at SCK so if you love making candy kits, look out for that as we could do with some help! There were also a few items I’ve reviewed before so I won’t repeat myself.


Overall, this is a good option if you like to try Japanese flavours and seasonal products. WOWBOX is also available in Classic (includes popular brands like Pocky and Hi-Chew) and Beauty (low calorie and beauty enhancing snacks, plus face masks) and you can switch themes whenever you like, so it’s great for a longer subscription as you won’t get bored.

All boxes start at $14.99 with the biggest size priced at $44.99 and there’s free shipping to most countries. You can also get 20% off any large box subscription throughout June. Check out the WOWBOX site to subscribe, find out more or view past boxes.

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(Box was provided for review by WOWBOX but this is my honest review and the photos are my own, except for the last one)

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