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Super Cute Sea Creatures

Posted on August 24, 2015 by

Other than bunnies, I don’t have a lot of favourite land animals, but I do have a spot for deep sea creatures, probably from all the aquariums my sister makes me visit. They can be a little shy, staying down in the depths of the ocean so let’s give them a moment in the spotlight.

kawaii depot

Whale Sharks are one of my personal favourite sea creatures after seeing two in Osaka, and San-X have a new whale shark character called Jinbe San who is adorable. Kawaii Depot have a folder in stock and I hope it turns up on more things soon.

seawater sweeties

I prefer turtles to tortoises especially when they’re Mint Chocoturtles! Inki-Drop has designed three cute new Seawater Sweeties plush and is currently running a Kickstarter to get them made with lots of fun rewards for backers.


There’s no lack of cute octopi on Etsy, but Mary Mary Handmade‘s necklaces are so simple and sweet they always stand out.


Sharks don’t get much love, but they can be kawaii too, like on these stickers and magnets by Pixel Bound Studios.


Can’t decide? This set of sticky memos from Stationery Supplies on Etsy has all your favourites. Love that octopus.

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    August 25, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    I’ve only recently discovered all this amazing Kawaii stuff but it’s JUST SO CUTE and these sea creatures are amazing :)

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