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Halloween may be a long way away but we like a bit of spooky cute all year round.

This new Hallows Kitty (hee!) tshirt by Spiritgreen is available for the next few days if you want to snap one up.

If you want something a little less spooky and lot more cute, Spiritgreen also has tshirts available via woot! and Redbubble. Cuteness!

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  1. Nic avatar

    Oooo I need that cute overflow tee!!! Awesomeness!

  2. Spiritgreen avatar

    Thanks so much for mentionning my t-shirt designs, marc-c!

    (To anyone interested in the Hallows Kitty shirt: it’s still up until Sunday 12pm EST at Gryphony and you can get 10% off if you say the magic coupon word ‘TWITFOLLOW’)

    Thanks! ^__^

  3. Antisparkle avatar

    The Hallows Kitty tee is awesome. I’m such a HP nerd. It’s perfect.

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