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My other purchase last week was a set of 4 gocco printed jackalope notecards from Argyle Whale, which arrived super-fast with a totally sweet bunny sticker and note enclosed.

I love jackalopes and these cards even have a space on the front for you to customise with your own greeting so I’m hoping I might be able to put them to their intended use. I say ‘hope’ as I already have a set of her Dramatic Goat and Hippo cards (see below) which I fully intend to send to people and then always decide I like them too much and put them away again.

Argyle Whale is run by the awesome Elise, who also blogs entertainingly here and has two adorable bunnies who make regular appearances. I love pretty much everything she makes – whatever she turns her hand to, it’s always hilarious, unique and cute. If you don’t like hippos shouting NOOOOO and floating bunnies with balloons tied to their backs then I don’t really want to know you. Go have a look at her Etsy shop right now (and pick me up that Quit Hatin’ painting while you’re at it).

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  1. Elise of Argyle Whale avatar

    Marceline, you’re the best! Thanks so much again! This is really a fantastic feature :)

  2. Flaws avatar

    the Dramatic Goat and Hippo cards are funny! I hope Argyle Whale returns to selling on Etsy. I want to see more of his work!

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