MCM London Comic Con 2017

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MCM London Comic Con

I was a bit overwhelmed by the scale of MCM London Comic Con last year so it was good to spread it out over two days this time.

MCM London Artbox / Tofu Cute

After picking up my pass, I headed straight for the PopAsia area to check out all the kawaii stalls! Tofu Cute and Artbox always have a great range of cute items and they didn’t disappoint. I was very tempted by the Jinbe San plush but just bought a few smaller items instead. I really liked how the gashapon were in separate plastic boxes so I could hunt around for the particular light up Rilakkuma ice cream I wanted!

Kawaii backpack - Tokyo Toys

I loved the backpacks at the Tokyo Toys stall which had a transparent window and panel to display badges – such a great idea! I got a blue one and personalised it with some of my badges and pins.

MCM London - Cakes With Faces / Fuzzballs

It was great to see SCK faves Cakes With Faces and The Fuzzballs again and they both had cool new products to show off including an awesome varsity jacket and cute mugs.

MCM London - Blue Potion / Something Kawaii

Some of my other kawaii faves were Blue Potion with their adorable Zelda, Animal Crossing and Ghibli designs, beautiful artwork by Killer Bunny and cute character shoes by Dragonfly Heels. Something Kawaii! had lots of Neko Atsume items and I also found a new Neko Dango to add to my collection!

webcomic name - Nicolette

I am a huge Webcomic Name fan so my personal highlight of the weekend was meeting the lovely and talented Alex Norris and having him draw me a personalised comic.

Other highlights were having my photo taken with the Master Sword in Korok Forest and seeing all the amazing costumes on show including a motorised King of Red Lions, two Chewbaccas and a whole squadron of storm troopers. Check out the photo album below for more.

Nicolette’s photos from a weekend at the UK’s biggest modern popular culture show!

Posted by Super Cute Kawaii! on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I had such a fun time at MCM London Comic Con and can’t wait to go back next year! There are more events coming up this year around Europe so look out for one near you.

Cute Shop Alert!

Birdhism – Cute Birds for a Good Cause

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birdhism kawaii lovebirds print

Kawaii birds aren’t as widely available as other creatures but here’s a new find for bird lovers. Birdhism is a range of illustrated stickers, prints, charms and more featuring cute chubby birds. Best of all, profits go towards supporting a bird rescue and sanctuary so your shopping does some good for others too.

birdhism custom bird stickers

The stickers are the definite highlight with 99 different birds and options to choose from. There’s parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, conures and many more. You can even have illustrator Jennifer make custom stickers of your own bird!

birdhism redbubble kawaii pillow

As well as the Etsy shop, Birdhism is also on Redbubble where you can buy her birds on even more products including t-shirts, stationery, homeware and gadget cases. There’s 20% off everything at Redbubble today too with the code HERES20.

Cute Characters

Sumikko Gurashi – Shirokuma’s Penguin Friend

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sumikkogurashi free wallpaper

If you follow SCK on Twitter, you will already be well aware of Sumikko Gurashi’s new penguin character as I got a little bit obsessed with the daily comic strip introducing him. The story is that Penguin is an old friend of Shirokuma the polar bear who comes to visit the gang for a holiday. Penguin is apparently quite a globetrotter and look at the great gifts he brought.

shirokuma's friend comic

You can see the whole comic here, or scroll back through the official Twitter to get translations. I especially love how jealous Penguin? is about meeting an actual Penguin but they make friends in the end.

sumikko gurashi plush igloo

Of course, there are lots of super cute new products to buy including this adorable igloo set with Shirokuma and Penguin wearing removable fur hoods.

sumikko gurashi plush

There’s more tiny plushies too including Penguin? dressed as a penguin and Tonkatsu dressed as a walrus!

sumikkogurashi erasers

I’m very tickled by this set of erasers that come with little plastic pants to keep them standing upright. Things you never knew you needed.

You can see the whole range at the San-X store but they won’t ship outside of Japan so order internationally through eBay, Amazon Japan or Rakuten. I ordered something from Amazon Japan and will show you in another post.

Super Cute Sponsors

Super Cute Sponsor News

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Lots of news and offers this week!

DIY Fluffies koala amigurumi pattern

Firstly, say hello to our newest sponsor DIY Fluffies, though long-time readers will recognise Mariska’s characters as we’ve featured them many times in the past. With a mix of amigurumi crochet patterns, fabric and felt plush sewing patterns, finished toys and books, theres’s something for everyone looking for a new craft project.

Chebeto mini plush sewing pattern

It’s a law of kawaii that the smaller something is, the cuter it gets and Chebeto have added some new mini versions of their cute animal plush! You can choose from dragon, bee and Cthulthu sewing patterns so far with kits coming soon. Look out for a review on SCK next month too.

kawaii depot mamegoma file folder

It’s been feeling a lot like Summer here in the UK and I wish I could teleport straight into this Mamegoma-filled ocean! Kawaii Depot have lots of kawaii file folders to choose from and they’re great for organising your holiday documents or school notes. Get 10% off any $10+ order with the code KDSS-10 or 15% off a $50+ order with the code 15PER.

Cakes With Faces kawaii dresses

If you’re heading to MCM London Comic Con this weekend, look out for Cakes with Faces in the south hall opposite the Japanese food stalls. Amy has lots of new things to show you with special show prices including some new dresses. Nicolette will be there too covering the con for SCK so keep an eye on our Instagram for live updates.

yozocraft kawaii animal stickers

Yozo Craft have lots of new stickers in store with some sweet animal designs including hamsters, bunnies, cats and dogs. Every order earns points to spend on future orders too.

kogumachan plush kawaii unicorn

If you’re a fan of Rilakkuma’s new friend Kogumachan, Kawaii Unicorn have some super cute plush and stationery in stock shipping from the UK.

askingfortrouble bunny and panda brooches

I’ve just added some brand new printed wooden brooches to my Asking For Trouble shop including some familiar faces – SCK’s Bunny & Panda!


With May almost over, don’t forget we have some exclusive offers for you to use with up to 20% off these new subscription boxes and 15% off any order at Vinca.

fuzzballs mug giveaway

And don’t forget to enter our Fuzzballs giveaway for a chance to win a cute mug of your choice, plus Tokyo Otaku Mode’s Otaku Dream giveaway ends soon with a trip to Japan up for grabs.

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Things To Make

Cute Cactus & Succulents DIY Crafts

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Now that we’re finally in the warmer months – at least in the northern hemisphere – now seems as good a time as any for a cute plant crafts round up. The great thing about DIY plants is that they require no care and can’t be neglected. Shout out to everyone that has a membership in the No Green Thumb club (like me!)

kawaii cross stitch cactus pattern

Gentle Feather’s kawaii cactus cross stitch pattern is a very affordable craft option, and would make for awesome wall art.

Bellsprout Pokemon amigurumi pattern

The Bellsprout amigurumi plush by Nichole’s Nerdy Knots seems beginner-friendly and is just really cute. It kind of makes me want to start a Pokemon amigurumi collection.

PetitPlat’s polymer clay succulents miniature in-depth tutorial shows you how to make some insanely cute mini succulents. Just look at how sweet the faces are! Even if you don’t have a dollhouse or set, these would make neat desk trinkets.

If you’re more into wearing or using your creations, these polymer clay kawaii cactus charms by Creative Rachy are a very quick and simple clay option.

momomints crochet cactus bunny pattern

And last, but definitely not least, is this bunny cactus pin amigurumi plush/pincushion pattern and tutorial by Momomints. As long as something is shaped like a bunny, it is automatically my favorite thing. I can barely handle how cute it is!

Now that summer’s nearly upon us, don’t forget to check out our Things to Make category for more craft tutorials and ideas.