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We pick a theme and go hunting on Etsy for the cutest products.

  • CaribouMilk
    Etsy Picks

    Kawaii Stationery Supplies

    We’ve all got piles of cute pens, stickers and notepads but even your most boring, but useful, stationery supplies can be made kawaii, thanks to Etsy. These colourful staplers from Caribou Milk will help…

  • WhimsicalCakeCompany
    Etsy Picks

    Sweet Marshmallows

    There’s something so cute about fluffy squishy marshmallows and here’s a few I’ve spotted recently. If you want to cheer up a friend, send them a package of happy marshmallow flumps from…

  • squishable
    Etsy Picks

    Cute Breakfast Picks

    Rise and shine with these super cute morning picks fresher than freshly squeezed juice! Most mornings we start off with toast because work calls and we are on the go – this…

  • Boobellini
    Etsy Picks

    Cute Cards For Mother’s Day

    Did you know Mother’s Day is celebrated on over 30 different dates, depending on which country you’re in? Since we’re in the UK, we usually do a round-up in March, but be…

  • SwiedebieCreative
    Etsy Picks

    Kawaii Pancake Day

    We haven’t done a Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) round-up for years, so let’s see who’s been cooking up some cute pancakes. If you’d rather just sleep through today, this eye mask by SwiedebieCreative is adorable! A…

  • pink samurai
    Etsy Picks

    Cute Animal Button Badges

    Whether you call them badges, buttons or pins, there’s no arguing that they’re one of the most affordable ways to add a bit of cute to your day. I’ve found a few…

  • MyZoetrope
    Etsy Picks

    Cute Critter Christmas Cards

    There are so many cute Christmas cards featuring festive animals that I had to make this a post of its own. Here’s my five favourites from Etsy. Christmas narwhals! My Zoetrope knows what we want. Michelle has…

  • marymaryhandmade
    Etsy Picks

    Hedgehog Love

    Ever since my neighbour told me she has a pet hedgehog living in our garden (!), I have been thinking about cute hedgehogs so I had to see what kawaii products I could…

  • gb1
    Etsy Picks

    Gingerbread Picks

    OK, now Halloween is out of the way, we can finally talk about Christmas, yay! Christmas is just as cute as all the other holidays, if not cuter. Here’s my favourite gingerbread…

  • dt4
    Etsy Picks

    Cute Tape Wishlist

    It’s true, I admit it. I’m a stationery addict. Tape is one of my main fixes – I don’t use it every day, but I do love to have it on hand.…

    Etsy Picks

    Easter Bunny Monday

    Hope you’re all having a good Easter holiday and eating all the chocolate bunnies. As a huge bunny fan, I’ve searched some of the cutest non-edible bunnies on Etsy, like this sweet…

  • m3
    Etsy Picks

    Mother’s Day Ideas

    Here in the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated this Sunday, 10th March. Here’s some ideas to show your mum you care. Hoppy Mother’s Day card by My Zoetrope. Knitting Kitty card by…

  • t4
    Etsy Picks

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy turkey day to our American friends! It’s Thanksgiving today across the pond, so we expect our pals will be eating turkey and having a quiet day – hopefully not eating any…