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Shaker keychains have been around for a few years but I only got my first one recently and maybe you’ve been missing out on the fun too. They’re filled with little things so you can shake them up and add a little extra cute to your keys or bag. Here’s some picks from small artists and cute characters.

Pusheen kawaii shaker keychains

No surprise that I was unable to resist this Pusheen Fruits keyring! I love Banana Pusheen and the bag is filled with mini pompoms in pastel colours. It’s currently decorating my bag but it has both a split ring and lobster clasp so I might find a more practical use for it soon. I got mine from ARTBOX (UK) and it’s also at The Pusheen Shop (US).

kawaii shaker keychains

If you like the puffy bag style, Kitschy Kawaii (US) has some adorable shaker keychains with food and animal themes. My favourite is the cat pirate which is filled with gold doubloons, shell sequins, shrimp and kraken! The shell clip is a great touch too.

Sanrio shaker keychains

Claire’s (UK) have a lot of water-filled keyrings including this sweet claw machine full of Sanrio characters. It’s part of their exclusive Hello Kitty & Friends collection, which is well worth a browse.

kawaii shaker keychains

Do you remember water ring toss games? They’ve inspired Starmint Art (US) to design this acrylic keyring with some garden eels and fish! There’s also a bug keeper design.

BT21 shaker keychains

If you’re a BT21 fan, ARTBOX (UK) have the whole Minini gang as UFO catcher-themed glitter shaker keychains.

kawaii shaker keychains

Or how about a vending machine filled with kawaii Korean snacks by Kiki Studio (UK)? This shaker keyring has so many cute details and looks really sturdy too.

pokemon shaker keychains

itsgeoffrey (US) has some really clever shaker keychains inspired by Tamagotchi including the fancy Gentlemon virtual pet. These even open up and you can buy booster packs with more charms.

If you’d like to have a go at making one yourself, Chelsey DIY has a tutorial for a DIY candy shaker keychain that doesn’t need any special materials or tools and you can fill it with anything you like.

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