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Tropical Fruit Animal Crossing Custom Designs

Posted on July 14, 2023 by

For our latest roundup of cute Animal Crossing custom designs, we’re focusing on a tropical fruit theme in time for the summer season! ACNH does have its own lines of cute fruit-themed clothing and furniture, but if you feel like you need to get even fruitier then check out these juicy picks.

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

While it’s a very hot time and orange isn’t one of my favorite colors, I’d still wear this mango-themed long-sleeve dress shirt by 脱线的蘑菇君if I could! I also love how it has a mango jam jar on the back.

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

This gradient short-sleeve dress by Claire is inspired by the dragonfruit (also known as pitaya), and looks super cute.

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

Savannah’s banana balloon-hem dress comes with stripes and different hues of yellow, making for a nice summer outfit.

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

This lychee-themed knit cap by Al-mi reminds me so much of my Apple, and I think it’d suit her well too!

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

Katy’s green avocado jumper is the definition of minimalist cute! I imagine it’d look good paired with a nice hat and white sneakers… maybe even some avocado toast?

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

This tropical passionfruit balloon-hem dress from Gwenori makes use of all the fruit’s parts and colors, making for a really unique fit.

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

I’ve always been a bit bummed with how there are so few lemon-themed items in the game, but Pumpkin is here to save the day with their zesty lemon tie-down top, which I think goes very well with the lemon skirt and umbrella.

Animal Crossing Custom Designs

Lastly, you can use Lilac’s papaya pattern to customize your wallpaper and flooring for an extra tropical vibe.

And for more summer lovin’, check out last year’s roundup of custom designs for summer.

How to use Animal Crossing custom designs

You would need to have the following:

  • An active Nintendo Switch Online membership. It’s a paid subscription feature, but you can get a 7-day free trial.
  • The Able Sisters shop on your island. You can access the designs through the kiosk at the back of the shop and search for the design or creator codes above, then use the custom designs app on your NookPhone to try them out for yourself.

Let us know if you’re still playing – and any other themes you’d like to see here on the blog – by leaving a comment below.

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