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Cute Printable Paper Dolls

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Playing with dolls, both paper and plastic, was one of my favorite childhood pastimes. I remember how my mom used to buy and make me paper dolls from scratch, and how I’d spend the whole day playing with them and creating a whole world for them out of my imagination. If you miss the nostalgia of paper dolls just as I do, then have a look at these summer-themed paper doll crafts. The dolls can all be downloaded and printed, with some needing you to color them in.

printable paper dolls

BaBaUniverse has a kawaii summer vacation-themed paper doll printable, including five doll faces, four hairstyles, and a multitude of clothes to change into.

printable paper dolls

This summer Blythe-inspired paper doll printable from ElPikBlytheDreams comes with a beach backdrop, umbrella, and chair, plus a wardrobe pocket to keep all the doll’s clothes and accessories.

printable paper dolls

Small For Big features Willow’s Summer Collection, a paper doll printable based on writer Mari’s daughter Willow and her wardrobe. It comes with a lot of cute clothes and accessories, including a bright and sunny rainbow dress.

printable paper dolls

These free summer paper dolls from Adventure in a Box come with four dolls and costumes that are fully-colored and four versions you can color on your own. The outfits can be mixed and matched to your liking as well. To get the dolls, you just have to sign up for their weekly newsletter at the bottom of the page, and the printable will be delivered straight to your inbox.

printable paper dolls

Gemini Moon Art (lovelymoonlt) has a pay-what-you-want (starting at 2 EU) paper doll printable with colorful summer clothes in a variety of types.

printable paper dolls

Lastly, check out this swimming pool dollhouse printable from KateMadePrintables (EU). I love how bright and colorful everything is, and it really fits in well with the cute summer vibe! It comes with two dolls and various backdrops and accessories, including a small corner for ice cream and drinks. You can also take a look at the beach outfits printable from the shop if you’d like to have more options for the dolls to change into different clothes.

Be extra creative for the summer season and have fun making & playing with these dolls!

This post was inspired by a reader suggestion – thank you Skylar! If there’s anything you’d like us to write a post about, feel free to leave a comment any time.

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