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Lukey Lukey is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that focuses on acceptance, positivity, and inclusivity. Created by Luke Nolan, this Irish and queer-owned beauty brand was also recently featured in the June 2023 issue of British Vogue.

Lukey Lukey
Photo by Lukey Lukey

Lukey Lukey kindly sent over four pieces from their Dream Cheeks crème blushes debut collection for me to try. Today, I’ll be showing four different makeup looks featuring these blushes. (This will also mark the first time I’m showing my face on the SCK blog, so hello world!)

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

The package took roughly five-and-a-half weeks to arrive here in the Philippines, but everything came secure and in good condition. Each blush comes in an adorable box and a powder blue case with a mirror. The blush fits right in the palm of my hand, and the magnetic case easily opens and closes, making it portable and easy to keep in your purse when you’re on the go.

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

The crème blushes come in four different shades, swatched here from top to bottom:

  • Blossom Bloom – a rosy coral (and my personal favorite)
  • 11:11 – a light taupe with rosé sheen
  • Cosmo Flush – a vibrant coral pink
  • Beret Berry – a deep berry hue

For reference, here are four makeup looks using Dream Cheeks.

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

Lukey Look #1: Barely There

For this look, I used Blossom Bloom and 11:11 for a lightly flushed, ‘barely there’ kind of look. I lightly dabbed on Blossom Bloom, then topped off with 11:11 for a sheer shimmer. You can try this if you want to go for a natural, ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

Lukey Look #2: Drunk Blush

The ‘drunk blush’, also known as ‘Igari makeup’ or ‘hangover makeup’ features a fully flushed look with minimal makeup for the rest of the face. I recreated this look by building up the color using Blossom Bloom, then extending it from cheek to cheek, including the bridge of my nose. This look works if you’d like a good flush of color on your face but don’t have much time to put on other makeup.

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

Lukey Look #3: Barbie Kawaii

Inspired by cute Barbie pink (and in time for the upcoming Barbie movie), I used Cosmo Flush on both my cheeks and eyelids, then a sheer glossy lipstick. I then topped it all off with a powder highlighter—you can use 11:11 in place of this. This look works if you like makeup that’s somewhere between natural and bold, but still kawaii!

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

Lukey Look #4: Berry Kawaii

For this last look, I lightly dabbed Beret Berry on my cheeks. I also used berry hues for my eyeshadow and lipstick. You can try this look if you want to use darker makeup on your eyes and lips, while still keeping a pretty pop of color on your cheeks.

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes review

I admit that I was a little bit intimidated by Cosmo Flush and Beret Berry at first, as I usually don’t use bright pink or deep berry shades. But I really loved how buildable each blush was, and I’m glad I was able to create looks that I also felt comfortable with. Since these are cream blushes, they’re easier to work with when building up color. You can control how much coverage you want by starting with lighter dabs, then working your way to deeper ones if you want a louder pop of color.

Aside from being buildable, all of these blushes are super creamy and have pretty good longevity. They also have a shelf life of 24 months, giving you plenty of time for maximized usage. Have fun experimenting with how flushed you’d like your cheeks to be and try combining different shades!

Lukey Lukey Dream Cheeks creme blushes
Photo by Lukey Lukey

15% off at Lukey Lukey!

Want to get your own Dream Cheeks? Use the code KAWAII15 for 15% off Dream Cheeks crème blushes via the Lukey Lukey website until June 19th, 2023. Lukey Lukey ships to the EU & UK. If you’re located outside these regions, check out Doll Face House of MakeUp (NI) or Beauty Habit (US), who offer international shipping. However, please note that the discount code is only available when purchasing via the Lukey Lukey website.

You can keep posted on updates from Lukey Lukey via Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Products were provided by Lukey Lukey for review but all words, photographs and opinions are my own

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