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Cute Chocolate Chip Cookies To Make & Bake

Posted on April 21, 2023 by

Do you like your chocolate chip cookies chewy or crispy? Alliteration aside, who knew chocolate chip cookies could be as cute as they are delicious? If you’re a fan of this delectable dessert and snack like I am, browse this list of makes and bakes perfect for sweet-toothed kawaii DIY enthusiasts!

kawaii Chocolate Chip Cookies recipes

Bites by Bianca’s teddy bear chocolate chip cookies are super adorable and come with an easy icing recipe you can use to decorate the bear’s face—you can even put some blush on the cheeks!

kawaii Chocolate Chip Cookies recipes

These white chocolate strawberry cookies from Creations by Kara is a cuter, pinker, and sweeter take on the classic chocolate chip cookie, but still look just as tasty! The recipe uses strawberry jello and pudding mix to add flavor and keep the cookies soft.

kawaii Chocolate Chip Cookies recipes

Beth of Hungry Happenings has a recipe for smiley face chocolate chip cookies that will definitely make you smile back at them! You can position the candy eyes any way you like to make them look as silly as you want them to be.

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MyFroggyStuff shows you how to make miniature chocolate chip cookies ideal for dolls and small figures. The “cookie batter mixture” looks so good to eat, but it’s definitely inedible!

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Make your own kawaii needle felt chocolate chip cookie as shown by Crafty Felt who decorated their cookie with pink pearl beads, making it look all the more sparkly and cute.

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With memory foam and some paint, you can create this adorable chocolate chip cookie squishy using PuddingFishCakes’ tutorial! Feel free to change the hue of the cookie depending on how “toasty” you want it to look, too.

Have fun and indulge in these chocolate chip cookies and DIYs.

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    April 21, 2023 at 2:45 pm

    That first sentence gets a 10 out of 10 from me, lol! (And best cookie is crunchy on the sides, soft in the middle!)

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