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L’Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Posted on October 13, 2021 by

Earlier this year, L’Occitane Thailand and Sundae Kids collaborated and worked on a limited-edition personal care collection and today I’ll be unboxing and giving my first impressions on the Self-Care Set, which consists of a small stationery set and five deluxe sample-sized products.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

L’Occitane is a luxury brand from France that sells fragrances and home & beauty products, while Sundae Kids are comprised of two Bangkok-based illustrators known for their romantic & relatable comics. I was surprised to receive my order the day after I placed it and it also came in a much larger, sturdy cardboard box to help keep it secure.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

My tulip props aside, here’s how the set looks unboxed with all the items included inside. I really loved how each box containing the personal care products had different characters on both sides!

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

The interior design looks really lovely and neat, and I found the paper-craft gate a very nice touch. I liked that it wasn’t flimsy, too. Sundae Kids have noted that the box was designed as a building and garden in Provence, and I was very impressed and thought the colors & overall design complemented each other very well.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Here is a close-up of the postcards and sticker sheet. They’re smaller than A6 size, which isn’t really a deal-breaker as it doesn’t really deter me from appreciating the designs. The postcards’ quotes fit the theme, and would look nice framed and used as decor. The sticker sheet is also very cute and has great print and color quality.

Now onto the body and home care products, all of which I’ve used as part of my nighttime routine for the past couple of days in the order they are listed. The standard full-sized versions are available from L’Occitane’s websites worldwide if you would like a more detailed description of each product’s benefits.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Almond Shower Oil (50 ml)

It was new for me to ditch my usual loofah-shower gel combo when I used this, but I surprisingly ended up liking the process a lot more because I could immediately feel how much smoother and moisturized my skin was getting. It smelled really nice, and I liked how the scent stayed on even after I was done with my bath.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum (5 ml)

I spend a lot of time working on my laptop and usually tend to sleep late, so I’m already used to looking like a panda on most days. I noticed that my skin looked less tired than usual when I woke up after using this, so I’ll continue incorporating this into my nighttime skincare routine in hopes that it works on my dark marks!

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Almond Milk Concentrate (50 ml)

Among all the products in this box set, I loved the scent of this body milk the most. It was very moisturizing and didn’t leave a greasy texture. I was also quite surprised to find out that I could still smell it on my arms when I woke up in the morning! If anything, I wish it was contained in a pump bottle instead of a jar, but it isn’t really too much of an issue for me.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Lavender Hand Cream (10 ml)

I’ve always wanted to try L’Occitane’s hand creams, so this is the product I looked forward to using the most, especially because lavender is one of my all-time favorite scents. My hands — which have been drying out lately because of too much washing — definitely felt moisturized after use and have gradually stopped peeling! I also love how the scent lingers and doesn’t immediately go away.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist (15 ml)

I rarely use pillow or bedroom sprays as I think they’re a bit of a luxury, but they’re always a nice touch especially when I need a soothing aroma especially after a rough day. I loved how the mix of different essential oils work well and don’t overpower each other. It also felt good going to bed smelling something calming and relaxing.

L'Occitane x Sundae Kids Self-Care Set Review

I was able to purchase the Self-Care Set at a discounted price with a set of free samples, however, the original price is quite steep for my budget at 1,690 THB (around 50 USD/37 GBP). Overall, I still recommend getting the Self-Care Set especially if you’re a fan of either or both L’Occitane and Sundae Kids, and if you would like to try out the included products without committing to their full-sized versions. The box makes for a nice collectible, too! They are still available via L’Occitane Thailand’s LINE Shop, although they only ship within the country.

L'Occitane Hello Kitty and Snoopy

You may also want to look into L’Occitane’s collaborations with different artists and characters around the world, such as Snoopy (Japan) and Hello Kitty (Taiwan). And good news: the Hello Kitty hand cream set can be purchased with an additional 10% discount from A Cute Shop!

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