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Free Panda DIYs for National Panda Day

Posted on March 16, 2021 by

As much as I love cats and other animals, I definitely feel the panda is my spirit animal. And since it’s National Panda Day today, I thought I’d celebrate with a roundup of some the cutest DIYs I could find!

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There are lots of cute panda origami crafts to try out, but the Origami Library channel’s origami panda box is both cute and functional for storing small items!

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Atelier Mju*s baby panda pompom tutorial would be a fun idea for a keychain or bag charm, and it’s easy to follow with the English subtitles.

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I also love aCupofCakeTV’s polymer clay pandicorn DIY! The little details are so cute, and it would be easy to make even if you don’t have many clay colors or supplies.

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For a more detailed and challenging project, why not try making the panda-themed miniature dollhouse room from Heekkong? Time-consuming DIYs that use a variety of different crafts always help to keep the project from feeling too tedious.

kawaii Panda macarons

If you prefer something to make of the edible variety, the Cakelets & Doilies blog has a photo tutorial and recipe for simple panda macarons. No fancy equipment is required, so if you’re still getting the hang of making macarons but would like to make something cute, it’s a great option!

kawaii Panda DIY planter

For any plant lovers with a green thumb looking to make kawaii pots, check the Tried and True blog’s painted panda planter tutorial (that’s a mouthful!)

kawaii Panda DIY wall hanging

And if you really want to go all out with some cute room décor, Amy from Amy Latta Creations has a blog post that shows you how to make a panda wall hanging. The project does use a few tools you may have to purchase at a craft shop or on Amazon, but it helps to achieve the look of latch hook without it being so time consuming.

kawaii Panda amigurumi crochet pattern

The All About Ami blog never disappoints when you’re on the hunt for a cute amigurumi craft—her free bonbon bears amigurumi pattern is customizable and small enough to turn into an accessory!

You can also browse the DIY Crafts section for more panda DIYs.

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