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Pastel Workout Clothing & Gear

Posted on February 5, 2021 by

Whether you’ve got health resolutions to keep and need motivation, or just want to kawaii-fy your current fitness habits, it never hurts to have some pastel workout clothing and accessories to make staying healthy extra fun!

Workout Clothing

It never hurts for your workout wardrobe to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals! Just make sure you pick practical pieces that look good and feel good while you’re working out.

Pastel Workout Clothing

Clockwise from top left: OOSC pastel pink gym vest (UK) / Pink ruched cycle short (USA) / Popflex sky blue legging (USA) / OOSC pastel pink baselayer legging (UK)

Strength training / cardio gear

Pastel resistance bands

Resistance bands can be a great way to get strength and mobility training in without the use of gym equipment and some even come with handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor. Try a set from Yogi Bands (USA), Fuunsoo (USA) – shown above, Vimov (UK) or Yahui (USA).

pink skipping rope

If you’re into jump roping for cardio and endurance, it can be helpful to choose one that’s specifically for fitness. You can snag a candy pink fitness rope (US) that can be customized to your height with wire cutters.

pastel exercise balls

It’s also important to remember to spend time on balance and mobility! Exercise balls are useful for low impact training in these areas and can be found in several pretty pastel colors on Amazon (US / (UK) including pink, sky blue, lavender and mint.


pastel yoga blocks

Yoga blocks and straps aren’t necessarily required to do yoga, but if you’re a beginner they will definitely make it easier for you if you struggle with flexibility and/or mobility.

pastel yoga mats

Yoga mats help provide a supportive, stable area to exercise on, so it’s important to make sure your mat is as high quality as it is cute!

Fitness Accessories

pastel fitness journal

There are small things you can add to your fitness routine to make it more meaningful, like a fitness journal or a notebook to help you focus on your personal goals and track your progress. If you can’t find a dedicated product like this Blogilates for Target 12 Week Fit Journal (USA), bullet journaling is an ideal alternative! Try a lavender dotted bullet journal (USA) or pastel bullet journal (USA) .

pastel workout accessories

Depending on your workout of choice and the surface you’re working on, cute no-slip socks made for fitness purposes may be a good idea for extra traction, like these Blogilates for Target premium grip socks (USA).

pastel gym bags

And if you find yourself traveling a lot with your workout clothes or gear to the gym or elsewhere, make sure you find a cute gym bag or backpack to tote your stuff in!

Clockwise from top left: PrettyLittleThings pink unicorn gym bag (USA) / Mint gym backpack (USA) / Sportout gym bag (UK) – pink or mint / Holographic pastel planet duffle bag by TheSkyQueen on Redbubble (multiple locations)

Comment below and let us know what cute items you like to incorporate in your fitness routines!

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