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While many of us are pretty much stuck indoors right now for one reason or another, it’s a good time to take a look at some cute PC games that are out now or coming out this year! There are actually so many indie developers with kawaii games in the works that we’ve created a new page. The games below are just a few of my favorites that I’m really looking forward to!

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Bunny Park

A fun and relaxing simulation game where you work on building and expanding a park to draw more and more bunnies. If you enjoy Neko Atsume-style collecting games where you can decorate areas and just enjoy watching cute digital animals, you’ll probably love this one! Out now on and Steam.

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A day-in-the-life simulation game where you’re in charge of rebuilding a town’s cat café. Lots of cute details like character creation, café decoration, animal interactions, and mini games are sure to make this a fun game for casual players. Out now on Steam and for Nintendo Switch.

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If you enjoy games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, check out Ooblets! While building your farm, there are also other fun things to do like interact with townsfolk, collect creatures called ooblets, decorate your house, and more. One thing to note is that it still is in early access, so the developers are still working to change and add things to the game! Out now for PC at Epic Games.

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Yono and the Celestial Elephants

This game serves up an adorable adventure with a lot of puzzle elements, as well as a little bit of combat that’s never too scary, and a fun storyline to uncover. Out now on Steam and for Nintendo Switch.

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Lemon Cake

In Lemon Cake, you get to restore and run a bakery filled with baked goodies made using ingredients you’ve sourced on your own! Tend to your garden and farm animals, customize your bakery and menu, serve customers, and customize your character in this cute business simulation game. Coming February 2021 – wishlist on Steam.

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Kitaria Fables

An action-adventure game that includes farming and RPG elements like combat and quests and features plenty of adorable animal characters that are sure to make this a less stressful option for RPG fans that also like cute things! Coming 2021 – wishlist on Steam.

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Lonesome Village

Play as Wes the cute coyote in a cute life simulation game that features lots of puzzles, character interactions, and a mysterious storyline. You also get to help grow your village buy customizing your land and house, gardening, and fishing. Coming August 2021 – wishlist on Steam.

Check out our new Kawaii Games For PC, Switch, PlayStation & XBox page for a full directory of current and future games for kawaii fans!

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