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I find myself indoors a lot more during this time of year due to cold weather, which means finding new things to do. If you’re looking for a new game to kill time we’ve created a new Kawaii Mobile Games page with lots to choose from. To start you off, check out some of my recent gaming favorites below! All game apps mentioned are free to download, but some of them do contain optional paid elements as well.

kawaii mobile games - Adorable Home

Adorable Home

This slice of life simulation game is a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxing game to play in your free time. It includes simple mini-games and decorating aspects so there’s always something to do! I also really enjoy the simplistic cute art style. Download for iOS & Android

kawaii mobile games - Pakka Pets Village

Pakka Pets Village

Pakka Pets Village is another adorable game that involves different gaming elements so that you’re never bored—there’s Tamagotchi-like elements with raising your pets, but you also get to build a village, decorate your home, and explore and go on quests. Download for iOS & Android

kawaii mobile games - Shiba Force

Shiba Force

A really cute game for dog lovers, the premise is simple—level up and recruit more shiba warriors to defend the fictional city of Shibokyo. I really enjoy this game because there’s no actual battling, you just send the shiba warriors off and play little mini games while they’re away. There’s lots of cute little cultural references as well. Download for iOS & Android

kawaii mobile games - Bird BnB

Bird BnB

The same developers behind Furistas Cat Café made a cute game for bird lovers! You run a BnB for birds to buy supplies for decorating and leveling up your amenities in order to collect new species and take cute photos. It’s very addicting despite the simple premise! Download for iOS & Android

kawaii Switch games - Calico


Calico is a newly released magical girl/cat café sim game—what more could I ask for?! It’s a very relaxing game with exploration, animal interaction, and mini game aspects, as well as magical potions that do all sorts of fun things, like turn cats horse sized so you can ride them! Buy for PC and Switch (USA / UK).

Peaceful Days kawaii game

Peaceful Days

Peaceful Days has all the same elements as Harvest Moon, like farming, raising animals, and interactions with the townsfolk, but there are unique features as well, such as a task/quest system, original storyline, and cute pixel art. It’s still an early access game, so the developer is continuously working to add new things in. Buy for PC.

Have a look at the new Kawaii Mobile Games page for more and we’d love to hear about your recent favorite games if you have any recommendations.

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